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How to care for your ENJO Fibre Products

ENJO's unique fibres work to lift dirt and bacteria from your home with just water. Handcrafted in Austria from the finest raw materials, if cared for correctly, ENJO’s Fibre products can last up to three years.



What our ENJOtex Fibres are made of 


Our range is handmade using the finest raw materials, specially designed for your cleaning routine and quality checked for longevity. We’ve carefully considered the composition and weave of our fibre technology. To be able to produce effective fibre cleaning technology, ENJO products are made from the following mix of five raw materials: polyester, acrylic, polyamide, polyproylen and cotton.

This combination of materials varies depending on the cleaning purpose and intended surface. However, it’s the polyamide and polyester that maximise ENJO’s cleaning power with wedge-shaped fibres 100 times finer than a human hair. Polyester and Polyacrylic we also carefully selected for their effectiveness and durability, so our fibres work without harsh ingredients, and last longer than natural fibres. Want to learn more about these fine ENJOtex Fibres? Read this blog post


Our fibres like…


- Being washed before first use

- Being washed in the ENJO Laundry Bag

- Being washed at 40-60°C

- Being air dried

- Keeping your cleaning fibres (e.g. Gloves, Minis, Allpurpose Cloths etc.) separate from your Miracles (because Miracles attract lint)

Tip: Where possible, our fibres like to be placed wet side down, so water exits through the fibres. This is why we suggest hanging your Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth face down over your tap between uses. 


Our fibres don’t like…


- Being left to dry dirty 

- Fabric softeners

- Bleach

- Being dry cleaned

- Being tumbled dried on a hot setting (as the fibres will melt) 

- Hot surfaces

- Wringing Fibres lengthways 


Grease and Grime


When your ENJO Fibres have been working hard, to clean heavy build-up, oil, grease, and grime, it’s time to show them some love. Spoil your fibres with a warm bath! The absorption capacity and cleaning performance of our ENJOtex Fibres may decline due to fat components and dirt. With a simple treatment, the water absorption capacity can be restored.

Need a bit of extra help? Lectric soda, which you can purchase from most supermarkets, is renowned for its ability to dissolve grease and can loosen stubborn dirt and grime from ENJO Fibres for a better, more effective wash. Soak greasy fibres overnight in a strong solution, before washing normally. Lectric Soda is environmentally friendly, has no phosphates, fragrances or colourants. For more information, click here




Step 1: Pour approximately 4L of hot water into a bowl. The water should be around 60°C, which is about the temperature of the hottest setting on your tap.

Step 2: Add approximately 2 cups of Lectric Soda to the hot water and stir.

Step 3: Place your fibre product/s into the water and make sure they are fully submerged.

Step 4: Soak for 8 - 12hrs. We recommend doing this overnight. 

Step 5: Take the fibre product/s out of the bowl and squeeze (by rolling) out the water. Wash the product/s in the washing machine using laundry liquid.

The results will surprise you! However, if your products are highly soiled, they might not gain back their full absorbance capacity after the first treatment. In this case, repeat the above. This is especially important for your Floor Fibres.

 Watch this treatment in action below!





After 3 years of use, or 200 washes, your ENJO Fibres will have lost some of their effectiveness, which means it’s time for an upgrade! To learn more about the ways to tell if your ENJO Fibres need replacing, read this blog.

At ENJO Australia, we’re all about zero waste for your home and zero waste for the planet. Waste is an issue we don’t want to add to, so we collect your old ENJO Fibres for upcycling. Instead of throwing out your old fibres, it’s easy to put that would-be-waste to work. To return your old fibres, get in contact with us.

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