Body Glove Lilac

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Redefine your routine…

For top-to-toe skin care harmony, Santé’s Body Glove is a must-have for your honest skin care ritual and a beautiful you. The Body Glove has two sides. The microfibre side is perfect for daily use, using just water to gently polish the surface of your skin, buffing away the daily build of dirt, deodorant and dead skin cells to reveal clean and healthy skin. The exfoliating side works wonders for once-a-week deep cleansing, revealing brighter skin that’s perfectly primed for nourishing body treatments. Eliminating chemicals allows your skin to maintain its natural balance of beneficial oils, leaving the water to do what it does best, soothe and hydrate. Use daily to improve circulation, gently exfoliating the skin promoting skin cell rejuvenation.

In harmony…

We’re confident you’ll love the Santé Body Glove, and recommend you try the Body Mini to keep your skin care routine on track while you travel, all the benefits of the Body Glove…only mini.

Do good feel good…

Also available in Blush, Midnight and Ocean, the Body Glove is kind to your skin and the environment. After cleansing, pop in the wash and start a-fresh.

Includes a FREE* Laundry Bag with every order. Click here for more info.

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23 Nov 2017
Love it

I have been using the glove for 2 years and am so happy I bought two so that whilst one is in the wash I have another. I totally recommend this glove.

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07 Jun 2017
Smooths out the wrinkles

I can really feel and see the difference the glove has made to my skin. Especially the area of my neck and décolletage, the skin was showing age related wrinkles and since using the glove these wrinkles are much smoother. My elbows are smooth too.

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11 Apr 2017
Good product

I really like the Glove. However, I have to say it takes ages to dry. I have to hang it out on the line so that it doesn't get mouldy and then its not in the shower when I need to use it. Small price to pay for something so awesome I suppose.

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