Body Cleanser - Blush

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Feel fresh morning, noon and night with fibre skin care for your body.

Just add water to cleanse kindly, all-over, with zero chemicals. Lifting impurities without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Switch sides for your weekly glow-enhancing exfoliation with our extra-gentle exfoliating fibres.

Follow-up your fibre cleanse and hydrate every inch with our moisture-rich Coconut Cream that’s both nourishing and natural.

Now you have me, you no longer need
- body washes + soaps
- body scrubs
- loofahs + sponges

Our earth-loving cleanser is reusable for fresh-feels all year round.

Wash | weekly

Also available in midnight and lilac.

Includes a FREE* Laundry Bag with every order. View more info.



Rating :


26 Mar 2020
I wouldn't recommend it

Is very heavy when wet.
I have difficulty keeping it on my hand due to the weight
It would be better if I could tighten it around my wrist with a toggle to keep it from falling off.
I do like the exfoliating side

Rating :


28 Oct 2019
Love it although a little on the pricey end.

Still fairly new so will see how it holds up - not sure if it should be hung up to dry fully out each day which is near impossible as the kids love to use it too.

Pro - can feel the rough bits come off without any hard scrubbing, skin still feels lush

Con - would prefer a more glove/finger style fit and it is a little expensive but hopefully will be effective for years to come and pay itself off over and over.

Rating :


12 Jul 2019

Love no more soap and how it removes all dry skin

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