Bathroom Glove

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Clean up bathroom dirt and mineral build-up easily, and without chemicals with the ENJO Bathroom Glove. Perfect for cleaning large surfaces and as simple as wet, wipe, dry. Two-sided to cover all your cleaning-needs, ENJO Fibres loosen and lift bathroom grime and calcium with just water.
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16 Nov 2017
best enjo product

the bathroom glove along with the miracle is the best enjo products for me. makes cleaning the bathroom and toilet quick and easy. dont bother getting the bathroom mini. just get this one and it will be enough.

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30 Oct 2017
Product is amazing

Fantastic product. I was amazed

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29 Oct 2017
Exceeded expectations

I was sceptical at first. But my sister swore by Enjo. Now I am a convert. The bathroom glove cleans beautifully. Particularly our new shower screen. I have also tried it on internal walls and kitchen benchtops. Not a problem. The only downside is it isn't great on my kitchen sink. Guess I'll have to try the kitchen products!

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Clean Side (logo side) Reaches deep to removes calcium, lime and mineral deposits, mould and soap scum.
Care Side A kinder clean for smooth surfaces such as mirrors and vanities.
USE TO... Clean large bathroom surfaces.
Use On... Basin, shower, mirrors, tiles, bath, toilet and vanity.
Use It... Wet or damp with cold water (or with ENJO Calcium Dissolver on built up calcium and mineral deposits).
How to Use Simply wet the Bathroom Glove, wipe the surface to loosen and lift dirt and bacteria, and dry with a Bathroom Miracle.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Two clever fibres to clean both light to medium grime from bathroom surfaces.
REPLACES Liquid and cream chemical cleaners, bleach, window/shower cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges, rags and paper towel.