Window Cleaner Blade Attachment

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Designed to keep your ENJO Window Cleaner functional, this handy little replacement will keep the Window Cleaner and Channel/Rubber Blade connected!



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13 Jan 2021
The new gadget is not as flexible as the old one.

The new gadget is not as flexible as the old one. The old one allowed me to go the the very end of the glass of the glass doors and windows by pushing the blade either to the right or the left to clean the very edges.

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13 Jan 2021
The gadget doesn't work as well as the old one. The broken gadget allowed me to move the blade to right and left to clean the far edges of windows.

We were pleased to receive the gadget quicker than expected and immediately attached it. Unfortunately it is not as flexible as the old one.

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28 Nov 2020
It Just Works

Great to be able to replace this part & save having to buy the whole window washer over again. The Part works just the same as the original one & makes window cleaning so easy.

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Use It...
To connect the Channel/Rubber Blade attached to the Window Cleaner.
For more information on how to use the Blade Attachment, see our Outdoor Window Cleaner.