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A must-have for reaching high windows and glass in hard to reach spaces, the Twister gives your Multi Tool or Dust Flexi the freedom to access all angles when connected to the Telescopic Pole.



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12 Mar 2021

perfect for getting the right angle for cleaning the ceiling.

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12 Oct 2020
twister is good

twister is easy to use, however, i think i need a little more practice to get my windows perfect.

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I Hate cleaning

21 Nov 2019

I probably shouldn’t have used it the way I did-( on my floor cleaner pole ....with outdoor window attachment...In the pool on the walls) but it did the job

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Use It...
To attach access high and hard to reach areas inside and around the home when connected to the Window Cleaner, Dust Flexi and Telescopic Pole.
To attach the Twister to the Window Cleaner
1. Press the small black button on the bottom of the Window Cleaner handle, this releases the black e-Clip and Cap from the handle.
2. Ensure the holes of the Twister and Window Cleaner are aligned.
3. Insert the black e-Clip.

To attach the Twister to the Dust Flexi
1. Remove the Power Grip.
2. Secure Twister and Telescopic Pole with a twist motion.

To attach the Telescopic Pole to the Twister
1. Ensure the yellow band is up in the ‘open’ position.
2. Insert the Telescopic Pole and move yellow band down and anticlockwise to the ‘close’ position.