Every day we make little decisions that over time have big consequences for the world around us. 

It’s time to recognise that the little things matter.

Cleaner home, cleaner air

We're proud to supply chemical-free cleaning products that are good for Aussie homes and the planet.

However, we all create carbon emissions and collectively our impact is felt globally.

The good news is, we can change little things about out lifestyle that have real, long-lasting benefits.

Planting trees locally, reducing emissions globally

From product design, production and lifecycle, we actively consider the little things to minimise our impact on the planet.

To make the little things we offer count for much more, we are supporting Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF).

A WA-based, not-for-profit that plants native trees to reduce our carbon footprint.

"In the past 10 years we have planted 5.4 million native trees and shrubs on 3,750 hectares and 159 sites across four States."

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund

Australia has lost nearly 40% natural habitat and globally has one of the highest levels of emissions per capita in the world.

Being collectively conscious and planting trees locally helps us to reduce emissions globally.

Little things for big change

Help us plant the seed for long-lasting change.
Take a little step towards a zero-waste cleaning routine this month and ENJO Australia will plant a tree with the CNCF.
Carbon Neutral Fund


Plant trees for the planet For every Bundle purchased we will plant a tree to reduce carbon emissions.


Bundle extras Receive a bonus free gift with select Bundles. Gifts include our helpers Marble Paste, Calcium Dissolver, Leather & Wood Balm Set + Laundry Liquid.


Green gifts Enjoy a room Bundle and bonus gift for FREE by simply playing host and holding a qualified Demo*.


Our donation from a Bundle purchase will plant 1 native tree or shrub and will contribute to the management and monitoring of the CNCF's planting projects.

Tree goal

Strong roots produce green shoots

The power of ENJO