Telescopic Pole

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Designed as a replacement component for your ENJO Floorcleaner so that you can continue to clean your home’s hard floor surfaces with ease. Lightweight yet durable, the ENJO Telescopic Pole can be adjusted to any length and is extremely versatile in combination with all ENJO hardware.



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21 Nov 2018
Needs to be stronger or have a longer warranty.

Good idea/concept and I love how it is lightweight and stays standing up.
BUT.... I have replaced 2 already so I think it needs to be stronger or have a longer warranty.

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23 Apr 2018
Easy accessibility to high windows.

I have a two story home which makes it difficult to reach high windows. The use of a ladder and the telescope allows me to clean these windows effectively. I would love the outdoor glove with abrasive power to be able to be attached to the telescope so I can clean the screens one storey up where I don't have a balcony and therefore difficult to reach. Just cleaning the screen from the inside isn't enough. When there's drought the screen became filthy with dirt deposits.

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12 Apr 2016

super to use, super to reach high, & well used, thus far.

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Use It...
To connect with the ENJO Floorcleaner, Window Cleaner and Dust Flexi.
Comfortable grip and easy adjustment ensuring a relaxed posture when cleaning your floors, dusting high surfaces and cleaning high windows with your ENJO Fibres.

Size: 1m-1.8m