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Refresh the way you clean the core areas of your home with the ENJO Starter Bundle. Perfect for introducing a simple change to your cleaning routine that offers a healthier way of living. Needing just water, ENJO’s handcrafted Starter Bundle cleans your home with a simple wet, wipe, dry.

Price as configured: $439.00


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Great Valuie

20 Jun 2020
Great value starter pack

great starter pack and enough to start cleaning every room of my house. I can clean both bathrooms in about 15 mins and there is no waiting for product to work or getting knocked out by the chemical in the air!!! I feel so much safer using this with the kids around knowing it wont harm them.

My leather couch is coming up so clean with the fabric glove.

I still haent tacked the oven but my bench top and stove top are sparkling!!!

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17 Jun 2020
Easy to use

I bought this set after using Enjo products at my mums house. I find them easy to use and happy with the results.
The greasy absorbing qualities of the kitchen glove are excellent, but definitely requires drying afterwards with the miracle or other micro fibre cloth.
The most impressive glove is the blue fabric cleaner. I removed many stains from my car seats that were left behind by multiple steam cleaning attempts. If you buy one Enjo product this is it.
I have an older bathroom with deeply imbedded mould stains which I have to use chemicals to deal with, however the Enjo does do an excellent job on day to day bathroom grime.
Are they overpriced? Probably. But it’s straightforward to use, quick and super achievable for me to keep the house clean, which is my priority.

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07 Jun 2020
Best decision of my life

Love, love, love my ENJO collections, the bathroom, kitchen and floor sets being my favourites. So glad I bought the starter bundle as I was definitely keen in investing in buying it all eventually but by buying the starter bundle I got it all at once and a little cheaper then buying it all seperate.

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Clean your kitchen, bathroom and living areas.
Liquid and cream chemical cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges and scourers, drying cloths, paper towel, stain removers and dusting cloths.