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Refresh the way you clean the core areas of your home with the ENJO Starter Bundle. Perfect for introducing a simple change to your cleaning routine that offers a healthier way of living. Needing just water, ENJO’s handcrafted Starter Bundle cleans your home with a simple wet, wipe, dry.

Price as configured: $399.00

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19 Jan 2018
New home, new enjo

We have a brand new apartment and this time I plan to remain true to the enjo cleaning method. So far so good, loving my enjo

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10 Jan 2018
Simply brilliant

I can’t say how much I am in love with my starter bundle. It has truest cut my cleaning time in half but also brings me pure joy to bring out. I just love love love it!

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20 Nov 2017
Start up pack.

Amazing. Worth every bit of the expense. I love that you can clean your house chemical free, and it looks just as squeaky clean as if you have used a heap of harsh chemicals.

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Clean your kitchen, bathroom and living areas.
Liquid and cream chemical cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges and scourers, drying cloths, paper towel, stain removers and dusting cloths.