Spring into clean


Welcome the change of season with a clean + fresh home – both inside and out. Needing no harsh chemicals or wasteful cloths, ENJO’s quality fibre range makes cleaning safe, simple and sustainable.



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Step outdoors

Alfresco, balcony, courtyard... Australian outdoor spaces may be vastly diverse however the way in which we care for them remains the same.

Whatever your space, remove the build-up of winter and ease back into an outdoor lifestyle with ENJO fibre + water.

ENJO's new + limited edition Complete Outdoor Bundle has all you need to clean your windows, car and outdoor living space for the next three years.




Conserve water resources

Clean outdoor windows, floors, pool fences and more with only a little water + our reusable fibre range.

Reduce cleaning waste

Cleaning without chemicals is a great way to reduce disposable cleaners, sponges + cloths from being added to landfill.

Protect local waterways

Eliminate rinsing chemical residue from your cleaning routine. Just add water + let the fibres do the work.

Quality, long-lasting fibres

Once your fibres have reached the end of their cleaning life, upcycle them!



Window cleaning, made easy


Smart fibres keep your windows + glass clean without harsh chemicals.


Remove dirt and leave surfaces streak-free every time, in no time.


Clean windows without contributing to landfill or wasting water.

Save money

Our reusable fibres last up to three years. With good care, your hardware should last much longer.


Indoor, outdoor, super-high and hard-to-reach - ENJO has your window cleaning needs sorted.






Spring clean your cleaning routine

A clean home is good for your health + wellbeing. It supports your immune system by removing dirt + indoor air pollutants, reduces stress and if you're working from home, can have a positive effect on productivity.

With Winter behind us, now is great opportunity to hit refresh on your home. Declutter, reorganise + deep clean surfaces - both inside and out.

Before getting started, ask yourself - do you have the right ENJO fibres for the job? And if so, are they in need of a refresh?

Studies show, cleaning performance of ENJO fibres significantly decreases after 200 washes.




Hans Herschmann