Sports Towel

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    Sports Towel

    Redefine your routine…

    We’re all about exercising to feel good, and there’s nothing like that feeling you get at the end of a workout. Santé’s super absorbent Sports Towel is lightweight and the ideal size for your gym bag or to take with you while you’re on the move. Keep that clean feeling and stay fresh while you workout.

    In harmony…

    Another great addition to your gym bag … the Santé Body Mini. Perfectly proportioned for cleansing on the go – feel even better after your workout with beautifully clean and hydrated skin.

    Do good feel good…

    We appreciate being able to get fit in the fresh air, which is why all Santé products are sustainable, caring for both your skin and the environment.

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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Features and functionsSize: 40x80cm

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