Outdoor Window Cleaner 32cm

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Cleaning large windows and glass surfaces outside the home has never been easier with the ENJO Window Cleaner. No more spray and wipe, just add water to loosen and lift dirt and build-up with the ENJO Fibre, then use the blade for a streak-free finish every time in no time.
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11 Aug 2013
Clearview everytime

This product is amazing! So light & easy to use & the wet fibre cleans beautifully! Our windows really sparkle when dried off after with the ENJO Outdoor Miracle. We have large/high windows so when the Window Cleaner is attached to the telescopic Floor Cleaner Pole, the cleaning process is much safer as well - as we are not trying to balance on chairs or ladders..... It runs rings around some of the window cleaners available!


24 Feb 2014

I've had my Outdoor Window Cleaner for about 6 years now. It does the job every time and I use it both inside and outside for glass and windows. Very happy with the product.


31 Oct 2014
Love Love Love

I love this product. I am very fussy with my windows however with such high windows clambering up a ladder was becoming dangerous and so much effort was involved in regular cleaning. This product makes light work of a once difficult job. I have the Floor mop so I can attach the pole to the window cleaner for a nice high reach. It takes a little while to get use too however once you do its fantastic.

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Use On... External windows, sliding glass doors, pool fences and solar panels.
Use It... Wet with your window fibre.
How to Use Our Outdoor Window Cleaner arrives fully assembled. Hold the handle and simply cover the end of the Window Cleaner with a damp Window Cleaner Fibre, close the press stud to secure. Clean your surface with the fibre, and then use the blade to clean from top to bottom. Use an ENJO Miracle to dry the blade.