Outdoor Window Cleaner 32cm

    Outdoor Window Cleaner 32cm
    ENJO’s Outdoor Window Cleaner sets the standard for all window cleaning products.

    No suds, no streaks, no fuss. The Outdoor Window Cleaner makes glass gleam and comes in two handy sizes for small panes and windows, large windows, doors, screens and pool fences; making it the only window cleaning product you will need.

    To top off its outstanding list of suitable areas, the Outdoor Window Cleaner is a natural, chemical-free window cleaning product that is eco-friendly and better for the environment.

    Pair the Outdoor Window Cleaner with our super absorbent outdoor Outdoor Miracle for streak-free, excellent results.

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    Love it!
    Review by Splendid what / (Posted on 29/12/2016)
    Fantastic product
    Fantastic product. I just received this yesterday and thought I would clean one sliding door to evaluate this purchase...what cant I say!!!! easy to use, so quick, no chemical fumes, perfect size, great results, I ended up cleaning all the windows as it was so effortless compared to the old method I previously used. Thanks Enjo
    Review by Marlene / (Posted on 15/12/2016)
    Works really well and has a great blade on it.
    Review by Chris / (Posted on 25/09/2016)
    Throw away the Windex!
    So much better than using chemicals! Easy to use, does a great job every time. I use it for all our windows & mirrors.
    Review by StaceyG / (Posted on 22/06/2016)
    Excellent Tool
    Cleans windows perfectly and so simple to use.

    The wide blade achieves less strokes to do the job.

    Being able to click it into the existing mop stick to
    use as an extension to reach very tall windows is
    Review by Yolanda / (Posted on 24/04/2016)
    These are the best!
    Review by Pam / (Posted on 12/04/2016)
    Gleaming and easy
    This product pays for itself in the first go. we are preparing a house to sell and this got the job done easily and very quickly. perfect streak free finish both inside and out.
    Review by Rosie Tea / (Posted on 3/04/2016)
    Love Love Love
    I love this product. I am very fussy with my windows however with such high windows clambering up a ladder was becoming dangerous and so much effort was involved in regular cleaning. This product makes light work of a once difficult job. I have the Floor mop so I can attach the pole to the window cleaner for a nice high reach. It takes a little while to get use too however once you do its fantastic.
    Review by Olivia / (Posted on 31/10/2014)
    I've had my Outdoor Window Cleaner for about 6 years now. It does the job every time and I use it both inside and outside for glass and windows. Very happy with the product.
    Review by Pips / (Posted on 24/02/2014)
    Clearview everytime
    This product is amazing! So light & easy to use & the wet fibre cleans beautifully! Our windows really sparkle when dried off after with the ENJO Outdoor Miracle. We have large/high windows so when the Window Cleaner is attached to the telescopic Floor Cleaner Pole, the cleaning process is much safer as well - as we are not trying to balance on chairs or ladders..... It runs rings around some of the window cleaners available!
    Review by Margaret / (Posted on 11/08/2013)
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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    What's it for?Cleaning outdoor windows and glass on surfaces including smaller external french doors or window panes, solar panels, pool fences, sliding glass doors, glass tables and even car windows.
    How do I use it?Wet or damp

    To assemble the Window Cleaner:
    1. Insert the Blade Attachment to the Window Cleaner Base
    2. Flip the yellow lever upwards and insert the aluminium Channel (with arrows facing upwards) into the Blade Attachment until the arrows on the Blade Attachment and Channel meet. Flip the yellow lever down to secure. Reverse procedure to remove.
    3. Pull your 20cm Window Fibre over the Window Cleaner Base and secure by clipping the press-stud.

    To clean high to reach windows and glass:
    1. Remove the e-Clip and Cap from the Window Cleaner
    2. Grab the ENJO Floorcleaner Pole and insert into the Window Cleaner handle
    3. Ensure the holes of the Floorcleaner Pole and Window Cleaner are aligned
    4. Insert the e-Clip
    5. Twist the pole to extend and turn to lock into place
    Features and functionsThe Outdoor Window Cleaner removes light to medium dirt and grime, salt water spray, bird droppings, dog nose marks and fingerprint smudge marks. The blade holder can be angled up or down to suit your cleaning technique and the sturdy stainless steel press-studs make the removal of the fibre super easy for washing. The Outdoor Window Cleaner can be attached to the Telescopic Pole and Twister to reach high and hard to reach surfaces. Replacement components are available.
    Areas of useWindows, Doors, Pool Fences

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