Outdoor Glove

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Outdoor Glove
Have you ever seen such a versatile cleaner for your outdoors? Suitable for tackling light and heavy dirt, the Outdoor Glove cleans smooth surfaces, as well as rough and uneven surfaces including flyscreens and plant pots.

Pair with our super-absorbent outdoor Outdoor Miracle to dry surfaces and remove unsightly streaks from glass and stainless steel.

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brought this to clean my fibre glass pool around the waters edge. it has worked great
Review by Julie / (Posted on 21/05/2017)
Amazed at how well it cleans fly-wire screens
Review by Sue / (Posted on 3/05/2017)
Love how well it cleans the crimsafe mesh and flyscreens.
Review by NikNak / (Posted on 14/04/2017)
Excellent product
I think this mitt is great for doing what I hoped it would ~ cleaning the milking cups in our dairy. Easy to use also.
Review by pam / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Awesome for screen doors and fly screens
awesome glove, still need to try my oven! can't wait!
Review by Bobbie / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
The best
great for the fly screens love it
Review by Bobbie / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Excellent product
Excellent product for cleaning crimmesh screens
Review by Marilyn / (Posted on 10/01/2017)
I love the way the outdoor glove cleans my outdoor furniture
Review by Lyn / (Posted on 29/12/2016)
Happy Customer
Glove cleaned my fly screens better than anything else I have tried in the past. Happy customer !!
Review by Shell / (Posted on 17/12/2016)
I really like it for it's versatile use on flyscreens, dirt in tracks, cleaning detail on grotty outdoor places. Haven't done the back deck yet but will. Quality product
Review by Tina / (Posted on 4/10/2016)
Love it
Love this glove! Hubby cleaned all the fly screens with it and didn't complain once! That's a definite win in my book :)
Review by Gemray / (Posted on 7/08/2016)
Good for the oven. Weber next.
Have not used it as intended. Wanted husband to use it on the Weber but that didn't happen. Maybe later. I did, however, use it on my oven and it worked a treat.
Review by Joanie / (Posted on 25/07/2016)
Brilliant product!
The Outdoor Glove is the best Enjo product I have used! We have Crimsafe screen doors and I have never found anything that would clean them properly until now. I use it the way my Enjo lady suggested: first use the rough side of the glove dry to remove dust, then use the rough side damp by spraying water on the screen (or on the glove when you are doing the outside, so you don't squirt water through the screen onto your floor!), then use the fluffy side dry to dry the screens. They look fantastic!
Review by Elle Jay / (Posted on 23/03/2015)
clean screen treasure
Great result on our security screens. Highly recommend this product
Review by nina / (Posted on 2/02/2015)
I am a Convert!!!
Okay, so you got me!!! Dusty, mouldy outdoor entertaining area. Hit with a high high pressure cleaner.....not happy with results. My partner wanders out.

"Here try this"

Me, skeptical glance, "Mmmm, okay"

Couple of hours later, hey, it is a big area!!!

"OMG!!! This is awesome!!!"

In a nutshell, we were thinking that the area would need a repaint. But, after hitting it with the outdoor glove it is.....can't believe I am writing this....LIKE NEW!!!

Review by Simon / (Posted on 19/01/2015)
Fly screens dirty no more
My fly screens are soooo clean.... just wet and roll to get excess water out. Then all I do is wipe over the screen and they are clean instantly. My mum is always borrowing this one, will have to buy her one.
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 23/06/2013)
Another great product
My partner was very skeptical about this product and ENJO generally. He used this glove just once to clean his motorbike and now he's an ENJO convert!
Review by Carole / (Posted on 18/05/2013)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Cleaning light to heavy dirt on smooth and uneven surfaces throughout your outdoors. Suitable for cleaning grimy outdoor furtniture, pools, chairs, flyscreens, plant pots and outdoor features.
How do I use it? Wet
Features and functions Super effective at removing light to heavy dirt and grime from outdoor surfaces. The dirtier surface, the wetter the Outdoor Glove needs to be. To loosen large dirt particles, rinse off surface with a bucket filled with water. Not to be washed with delicate ENJO Fibres.
Outdoor Side description Designed for use on rough and uneven surfaces that require a more aggressive clean including flyrscreens and pot plants.
Areas of use Furniture, Flyscreens, Pools

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