Organic Cleaning Products

Organic Cleaning Products
Here at ENJO, we’ve developed a strong reputation for our natural, environmentally friendly and organic cleaning products in Australia. Using strong chemicals has traditionally been the go-to solution for cleaning grease, grime, dirt and other nasties that find their way into your home. However, with a growing number of risks associated with these chemicals, it’s no longer practical or safe to continue cleaning in this way. With ENJO’s natural water and fibre-based technology, we can provide you with the same cleaning effects, without the risk of being exposed to harsh chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
Our range of cleaning products are designed to do an unrivalled job of keeping your home clean, whilst at the same time keeping you and your family safe. This environmentally friendly approach has resonated with thousands of Australians since ENJO’s birth in 1990.

Green Cleaning Products with ENJO
The ENJO difference is found in how our products are designed and made. Our environmental and organic cleaning products are manufactured exclusively in Austria under strict quality control, using our innovative microfiber technology. This technology means you can now see the same results of a regular clean by simply adding water!

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