Men's Face Duo (2) Ocean

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The Santé Face Duo has been specially designed with the modern man in mind. The larger-sized disc is made from Santé’s handcrafted fibre, and is two-sided for minimal fuss. The coarser side works wonders for that deep-clean, removing the daily build-up of dirt and prepares the skin for a seamless shave. The softer-side takes care of shaved skin, letting water do what it does best, calm, soothe and hydrate. Nothing further is required, you’ll feel clean and comfortable in your own skin.


Refresh your entire skin care routine with minimal fuss by teaming your Face Duo with Santé’s Body Glove, your modern skin care match.


The Face Duo is kind to your skin and the environment. After cleansing, pop in the wash and start a-fresh.

Includes a FREE* Laundry Bag with every order. Click here for more info.



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24 Jan 2019
Promotes good skincare for men - nothing quite like it.

I'm a senior who has never seen the need to care for his skin - that's what women did. With my wife's encouragement I started using the Face Duo, and now, 18 months later, I deem it an essential part of my daily routine. Recently, the son of friends paid me an indirect complement. He said, I keep forgetting how old you are. Maybe it's not all due to Duo Face but each bit has a part to play.

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25 Nov 2018
very smart

love these simple and easy cleansers for men,so fuss free,probably would like just to be a smidgeon bigger in size

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30 Nov 2017
Good product

Cleans face well, removes makeup easily. Exfoliant side is quite gentle but effective. Washes well in washing machine. Dries out well in between uses when hung up near window in day

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