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For stubborn stains and heavy dirt ENJO’s environmentally responsible Marble Paste acts as a mild abrasive, helping ENJO Fibres to loosen and lift dirt. Biodegradable to OECD standards and containing no artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or preservatives means ENJO Marble Paste is safe for cleaning most hard surfaces around the home safely. Always test on an inconspicuous area first and avoid use on Perspex or plated silverware.
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23 Jun 2013
Lasts for ever.... Only need a little

This is the best product ever invented.... I love Marble Paste and the smell is beautiful. You don't have the harsh chemical smell, like other products. Marble Paste got a stain off my bathroom sink and tub that had been there for years. Also got some grease marks off the kitchen wall.


24 Jun 2013

Wonderful product. A tub will last years, even when you get carried away and use it on everything (just so you can amaze yourself at how good it is at removing dirt/scum/oil/stains)
Is gentle enough that it doesn't scratch surfaces yet is capable of removing the stain you are trying to get rid of.


26 Aug 2013
no harsh chemical

i agree with the other reviews, great product, i have been using it near on 6 years and still i am amazed when i try it on something new to "see if it will get rid of it" and it works. It makes me feel good to atleast be contributing in my own little way to not using chemicals where i can, especially when cleaning the bath. Considering my kids have to sit in the bath at least its not with a residual layer of bleach its now a spotless clean non chemical clean bath.

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USE TO... Remove stubborn dirt, rust and food residue.
Use On... Kitchen surfaces and appliances with tough, stubborn stains.
Use It... With a wet or damp ENJO Fibre. Clean the surface, rinse and dry with an ENJO Kitchen Miracle.
How to Use Wet your ENJO Kitchen Fibre, add marble paste to the fibre and clean desired area. Rinse well, and dry with an ENJO Kitchen Miracle.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS An extremely versatile natural cleaner that’s a mild abrasive that helps ENJO Fibres loosen and lift stubborn dirt.
REPLACES Harsh liquid and cream chemical cleaners.
Ingredients Marble powder, vegetable-based surfactants, perfume (limonene).
Ingredients marble powder, vegetable-based surfactants, perfume (limonene)