Marble Paste 300ml

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For stubborn stains and heavy dirt ENJO’s environmentally responsible Marble Paste acts as a mild abrasive, helping ENJO Fibres to loosen and lift dirt. Biodegradable to OECD standards and containing no artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or preservatives means ENJO Marble Paste is safe for cleaning most hard surfaces around the home safely. Always test on an inconspicuous area first and avoid use on Perspex or plated silverware.

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05 Jul 2018
Great for clearning in the bathroom to get rid of nasty smells

The marble paste is a great product. I use it on my toilets each week. It keeps them fresh smelling.

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29 Jun 2018
great product works well can just about use it on anything as the grian is so fine

as above

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Jenny Nairn

29 Jun 2018
I Love This Product!

This is my fourth tub of Marble Paste. I use it by wiping the Bathroom Glove in the paste then over the tiles and glass when I have a shower. For trickier areas, I rub an old toothbrush in the paste to scrub corners, edges and grout. I rinse the paste off by swivelling the shower head then drying off with the Bathroom Miricle after I get out of the shower. It's great to use the toothbrush method at the back of the toilet seat too. For the glass on the outside of the shower recess, I use the Window Cleaner. But firstly, I use the Bathroom Glove with the paste, rinse the glove and rinse the surface, finishing off with the Window Cleaner. No mold in my bathroom! I love ENJO and have been a huge fan for well over a decade. It's a great investment and a chemical-fee home. Do I get a job now? ;)

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Remove stubborn dirt, rust and food residue.
Use On...
Kitchen surfaces and appliances with tough, stubborn stains.
Use It...
With a wet or damp ENJO Fibre. Clean the surface, rinse and dry with an ENJO Kitchen Miracle.
How to Use
Wet your ENJO Kitchen Fibre, add marble paste to the fibre and clean desired area. Rinse well, and dry with an ENJO Kitchen Miracle.
An extremely versatile natural cleaner that’s a mild abrasive that helps ENJO Fibres loosen and lift stubborn dirt.
Harsh liquid and cream chemical cleaners.
Marble powder, vegetable-based surfactants, perfume (limonene).
marble powder, vegetable-based surfactants, perfume (limonene)