Makeup Remover Set (7) - Blush

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Our award winning Santé Makeup Removal wipes gently removes makeup and cleanses the skin. The super soft, super fine fiber technology will leave you with bright and beautiful skin.

(7) set for your weekly Monday to Sunday skin routine.


Bigger and better size
Soft and luxurious
Handmade in Austria
Patented technology
Zero chemicals


Use one clean wipe per day
Just add water and wipe in circular motion
Reusable - just pop me in the wash. Wash weekly

Learn more here

Also available in Lilac and Midnight.


Includes a bonus Santé Hook and Laundry Bag with every order.



Rating :


01 May 2019
I love my make up removers

I love these make up removers. I have sensitive skin and have never liked using make up remover, so now being able to just use water is great for me. I also love that I'm not putting chemicals on my skin.

Rating :


20 Mar 2019
Good but not as amazing as I thought

They are easy to use and look after, although their actual effectiveness isn’t as great as thought. Does not take off eye make up without quite a bit of “rubbing” which then leads to sore/sentsative skin around your eyes.

Rating :


22 Jan 2019
Favourite make up remover by far!

I love the sante make up remover wipes. After using disposable ones that not only take the make up visably off my face but push it into my pores, the sante microfibre wipes exfoliate and clean my pores and leave my face feeling so clean, fresh and soft. I will never go back to other make up removing methods !

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