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Aside from being totally magical, our award-winning Makeup Removers can be washed and reused for up to three years.

So you can add to your Santé collection and pop a new disc daily, we've put together this exclusive set of five Makeup Removers just for you.

To remove makeup simply add water to our handmade making-removing discs and massage in a circular motion. Our magical fibres will lift makeup and impurities as if by magic.

Available in Lilac, Blush + Midnight.

When your makeup removers are dirty | in Laundry Bag | 40-60deg

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15 Aug 2020
Love them and now own the whole bundle

Love them and have purchased the whole budle

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02 Aug 2020
Not fully convinced

It wipes off lipstick easily but not so easy with eye liner. Not sure I like the feel of it.

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Makeup remover

01 Jun 2020

Brilliant product.

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