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Our award winning Santé Makeup Removers gently removes makeup and cleanses the skin. The super soft, super fine fibre technology will leave you with bright and beautiful skin.

1 Santé Makeup Remover:
Reusable up to 3 years
Replaces 1095 disposable wipes each year
Saves you $584 each year

What makes us unique?
100% seamless! Our seamless edge allows you to gently remove your eye makeup. No seams, no scratches.

When your Makeup Remover is dirty | Wash in Laundry Bag | 40-60°C



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Kids Face Wipes

30 Jun 2021
Kids love to wipe their faces with these.

My daughter has the purple ones and my son has the green ones. They use it to clean their face each morning and night. (Never before have I been able to get them to do this!) Love them.

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11 May 2021
Love these little beauties

This is my most favorite enjoy product. I love how my skin feels after using these to take off my make up. Thank you enjo for these fab little face cleaners

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16 Nov 2020
works like it says it would

I have used the Makeup Remover and I have found that it really works! I particularly wanted it to remove mascara. Then I washed the Remover with hot water and soap and it came up clean. Excellent product.

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