Lint Glove

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A must-have for every home (especially if you have pets) and great for keeping clothing lint-free as you travel. The ENJO Lint Glove is designed to lift dust, hair, fluff and lint off clothing with just one wipe.
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21 Apr 2016
Lint Glove

Amazing at picking up lint from my clothes and furnishings


26 Sep 2016
Love it!

Definitely does the job of removing most of the cat fur from my clothes. Love it!


17 Nov 2016


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USE TO... Remove dust, hair and lint.
Use On... Soft furnishings and clothing.
Use It... Dry.
How to Use Simply smooth the ENJO Lint Glove over the required surface to lift away dust, fluff, hair and lint.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS The Lint Glove Fibres work against the grain to collect lint and dust from your surfaces.

No need to wash the Lint Glove before use, ensure you test on a small area before use on delicate fabrics such as wool or velvet.
REPLACES Disposable lint rollers.