Spring is in the air!

The long-awaited, window-opening, organising and deep-cleaning ritual has arrived. As the weather warms up and we move back outside, it’s time to freshen those outdoor areas and clean your windows to let the sun in.

Don't spend hours cleaning away outside on your hands and knees, on those areas that attract more dirt, grease and grime. We want you to enjoy the sunshine! 



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Take things up a level!

Cleaning outdoors is quick and easy with ENJO’s smart hardware and ENJOtex Fibre technology.
Effortlessly work through your spring clean check list with our ergonomic outdoor products that cover more ground and are proven to achieve better results.


Miss a spot?

Our new Multi Tool is here.
Our Window Cleaner 2.0 is perfect for cleaning every part – on all windows – small and large. Even those high and hard to reach places!
Get clean + streak-free windows and surfaces for all outdoor areas of your home.



Why choose ENJO?


ENJO is proven to remove dirt 6x better than conventional methods. Just add water to simply and effectively clean every surface throughout your home.


Cleaning without chemicals means you + your family can breathe easy in the space you spend the most time in, and enjoy the benefits of sustainable living.


Waste-free + reusable, ENJO eliminates the need for disposable sprays, sponges, cloths + paper towels, and can be upcycled at the end of its useful cleaning life.



Limited Edition

Outdoor Alfresco Bundle $449

(Valued at $567)

Have you been neglecting your outdoor areas? This bundle has everything you need for a quick + easy outdoor clean. Trailing more dirt indoors as we spend more time outside, this bundle doesn't forget about your outdoor floors.

INCLUDES: Window Multi Tool, Window Miracle, Outdoor Glove, 2 x Outdoor Miracle, Car Glove, 1 x Floor Fibre of choice and 3 x ENJO Hooks




Window Multi Tool Bundle $194

(Valued at $222)

It's time to revisit your spring-cleaning checklist with our revolutionary new product - the Multi Tool. A one stop shop for every window in and around your home, the Multi Tool can help keep your windows effortlessly spotless and streak-free, from top to bottom.

Not only does this have amazing results, but it also comes with extra health benefits other chemical window cleaners can't offer!

INCLUDES: Window Multi Tool, Window Miracle and 1 x ENJO Hook




Outdoor Bundle $199

(Valued at $232)

As the weather warms up, it's time to prepare your outside areas for entertaining. Our Outdoor Bundle is perfect for your upstairs and downstairs outdoor areas.

Save time, money and precious water with this kind and clever set of handcrafted fibres. 

Wet, wipe, dry and wash to use again and again for up to three years. 

Your outdoor furniture and rougher areas, sorted. With minimal effort.




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