Leather & Wood Balm 240ml

Leather & Wood Balm 240ml
An all natural preservation balm that nourishes leather, wood and plastics to prevent from drying out or becoming brittle. When applied regularly, the balm gives natural leather and wood a longer lasting, soft, silky sheen.

Use the Polishing Cloth to buff up smooth and hard surfaces after Leather & Wood Balm has been applied.

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Customer Reviews 12 item(s)

Brilliant stuff, brings my pine bedroom furniture back to life. My son is a carpenter and loves this product.
Review by Kazza / (Posted on 9/04/2017)
Great gave my leather lounge a good clean with the fabric glove then used the leather and wood balm looks like new again
Review by Tina / (Posted on 27/03/2017)
Excellent product
Excellent on cream leather lounge.
Review by Lynne / (Posted on 20/03/2017)
on wood great product
used it on wood not on leather yet can't wait to use it on my leather lounges
Review by Bobbie / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
ten out of ten
my rep was able to give me advice on how to clean my lounge first then apply polish very pleased with results
Review by anyexskuce / (Posted on 31/12/2016)
Alls good.
Does come handy at the Men's shed,Very nice.
Review by Nil / (Posted on 12/12/2016)
This product surpasses everything that is out there on the market. Expensive? Yes, Worth it? Absolutely.
Review by ailemurr / (Posted on 26/11/2016)
Best Leather & Wood Balm there is!
I love my ENJO Leather and Wood Balm - it brings my shoes and handbags back to new and my old wooden table looks so amazing after I've polished it with this.
Review by KTx / (Posted on 15/07/2016)
I am sure that I am looking after my furniture and other items when I use this fabulous product
Review by Lizzy / (Posted on 12/06/2016)
Best ever
Been using this for 10 years plus and my leather lounges look like new still, best product.
Review by Diane / (Posted on 24/04/2016)
Leather wood balm
This product is brilliant, we applied it to all of our wooden skirts, arctraves and doors prior to fixing. This product brought out the wood grain, colour and left a soft silky feeling after a couple of days. (Summer application). Next application will be on the leather lounge, can't wait because the spot test came up beautifully. Oh and the smell is Devine.
Review by Normi / (Posted on 27/12/2015)
Leather & Wood Balm
In short this product is marvellous. Our polished floor boards had been completed in the house and we just needed to finish off adding the skirting boards and the doors to complete the look. We used the balm on the skirting boards and doors and the results were stunning. The colour of the wood and the grain that had been hidden now shone in all its glory, and within 2 days the doors had taken on a lovely glossy, soft, luxurious feel. I am so happy with the result I couldn't ask for more. The look complements the floors wonderfully. I Love it, love it, love it.
Review by Norm / (Posted on 6/11/2015)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Polishing and maintaining smooth leather items such as shoes, bags, belts, saddles and wood furniture such as tables and doors.
How do I use it? Apply sparingly with the Applicator provided in the lid.
To use, dab the Leather & Wood Balm with the Applicator, apply and buff off with the Polishing Cloth.
Features and functions Can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces including outdoor timber furniture. If a surface requires cleaning, firstly use the appropriate ENJO Fibre ie. Allpurpose Cloth or Outdoor Glove. For a super nourishing treatment, leave balm for 30 minutes before buffing with the Polishing Cloth. When unsure if a surface is suitable for use, always test on an inconspicuous spot first.
Not to be used on suede, lacquered or varnished furniture.
What's in it? Vaseline (Petrolatum), Vaseline oil (Parraffinum Liquidum), Lanolin, Carnauba Wax, Besswax (Cera Alba).
Areas of use Leather, Wood