Large Laundry Bag

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The Laundry Bag will keep all of your ENJO Fibres and delicate items of clothing free from lint and in perfect condition when laundering. ENJO Fibres are designed to last up to 3 years, so once you’ve finished cleaning, simply place in your ENJO Laundry Bag to wash and use again.
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21 May 2017
Best Ever Wash Bag

LOVE my washing bag. Keep it special for my Enjo kitchen cleaners.

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20 May 2017

Perfect, large and easy to open and close and doesn't open during the washing cycle. Very pleased with this.

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10 Feb 2017
laundry bag

My whole wash is used in the laundry bag of course no towels and sheets.

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Use It... To protect your ENJO Fibres when washing.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Secure items with drawstring feature.

Dimensions: 40cm x 50cm.