ENJO Large Laundry Bag

ENJO Large Laundry Bag
The Laundry Bag will keep all of your ENJO Fibres and delicate items of clothing free from lint and in perfect condition when laundering.


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laundry bag
My whole wash is used in the laundry bag of course no towels and sheets.
Review by banksie / (Posted on 10/02/2017)
Great bag for items that attract lint and also handy for washing delicates like lace curtains.
Love the drawstring bag much better than zips which continually break. I own several. Great for items that attract lint especially black t-shirts. Also great for washing curtains.
Review by Ann / (Posted on 2/01/2017)
Too big
As a very large laundry bag, it is efficient and helpful. But it is way too big for delicates!
Review by Bec / (Posted on 16/12/2016)
I prefer the larger bags and the newer closure cords as opposed to the old zipper
Use them every wash to seperate delicates and items that catch fluff. Buy them to give as gifts.
Review by Sussy / (Posted on 25/09/2016)
great product
love the size as you can fit many bras in at once or a bulky jumper in winter. I have brought many more to give away to my family
Review by michelle / (Posted on 29/04/2016)
great, but...
I am sad that the smaller bags aren't available ~ when I first bought some Enjo products there were smallish bags, & I find this large one too big for one Enjo item.
Otherwise it is great!
Review by Pam / (Posted on 12/04/2016)
Additional use for Laundry Bag
I have a number of these now, and just recently I used them to help me organise my suitcase (i.e. socks, underwear, t shirts, jeans in separate bags), and off course to put my dirty laundry in :)
Review by JAsk / (Posted on 2/10/2014)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Keeping ENJO Fibres and delicate clothing safe when laundering.
How do I use it? Store ENJO Fibres and clothing items in the Laundry Bag.
Features and functions Easily secure items with the sturdy drawstring. Dimensions: 40cm x 50cm.

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