Kitchen Sponge (2)

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Remove food and stubborn dirt from dinnerware, pots and pans with the ENJO Kitchen Sponge. A small but sustainable sponge that’s designed to rid your washing up of grease and food residue, for up to 3 years, simply wash and wash-up again. Also available individually $42.



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10 Nov 2020

An excellent product. I now have one for everyday, so that my sponges are always clean and fresh.

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27 Aug 2020
Love this product.

Love these sponges and the double side. Clean well and no need for extra cleaning products which absorbs grime. Marble Paste used occasionally on stubborn spots. Good size

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06 Aug 2020
A great help with dishes

The sponge is nearly as good as the handle and pocket. But as they are no longer available the sponge will do. I just get my hands wet more....

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Grease Side (logo side)
Traps and removes light grease and dirt.
Grime Side (striped side)
Loosens and removes stubborn dirt and hardened food.
Remove food residue.
Use On...
Dishes, crockery, glassware, pots, pans, ovens, grills and stovetops.
Use It...
Wet or damp.
How to Use
Simply wet the Kitchen Sponge and use to loosen and lift dirt and food, then use a super absorbent ENJO T-Towel to dry.
Two clever fibres to clean both grease and grime from kitchen surfaces.
Disposable cloths, sponges and scourers.