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Refresh the way you clean your kitchen with the ENJO Kitchen Bundle. Our handcrafted fibre kitchen range is all you need to clean-up your kitchen chemical-free…just add water!

Discover the power of the Kitchen Bundle.

Receive a BONUS* Wrapped with Purpose Kit.

Price as configured: $179.00


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15 Sep 2019
Awesome kit, my kitchen has never looked so good for so little effort!

I was skeptical that I could wash my dishes without detergent, but they come out so clean! Plus my sink looks so shiny. Glad now that I gave it a go. Whole kitchen shines, cupboards, tiles, oven, cooktop, even the walls. All with just a few minutes regularly. Glad I gave ENJO another go.

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31 Aug 2019
Been using Enjofor 15 years now

I have not used kitchen chemicals for 15 years and we are so healthy and happy with them. Best investment
This is only my third glove in all that time!
I still have the old ones but they have worn through a bit. I use them for laundry and pet things now .

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31 Aug 2019
Great product

Love my Enjo products they are so easy and quick to use I get all my housework done in half the time it used to take and they are environmentally friendly what more could you ask for!

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Clean your kitchen area without chemicals.
Liquid and cream chemical cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges and scourers, drying cloths and paper towel.

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