Indoor Window Cleaner 32cm

Indoor Window Cleaner 32cm
No more spraying and wiping - the Window Cleaner replaces all window and shower cleaners that are known to be the most toxic cleaners of all! Designed to give larger indoor window and glass panes a smear-free, streak-free finish!

After cleaning with the Window Cleaner, dry off indoor glass and window panes with our best selling Bathroom Miracle.

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The best shower screen cleaner. This is my second one as I wore the first one out! I use it each time we shower.
Review by Willi / (Posted on 12/02/2017)
A realtime saver.
I like the amount of space that it cleans in one swipe. The rubber edge gets rid of virtually all traces of water, making cleaning quicker. The cloth finishes off very quickly, leaving surface shiny.
Review by I don't wish to answer this. / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Cleaning large indoor glass and window panes including internal windows, sliding glass doors and shower screens.
How do I use it? Wet or damp (water only)

To assemble the Window Cleaner:
1. Attach the Extension Pair to the Window Cleaner Base so that the arrows meet.
2. Insert the Blade Attachment to the Window Cleaner Base
3. Flip the yellow lever upwards and insert the aluminium Channel (with arrows facing upwards) into the Blade Attachment until the arrows on the Blade Attachment and Channel meet. Flip the yellow lever down to secure. Reverse procedure to remove.
4. Pull your 32cm Window Fibre over the Window Cleaner Base and secure by clipping the press-stud.

To clean high to reach windows and glass:
1. Remove the e-Clip and Cap from the Window Cleaner
2. Grab the ENJO Floorcleaner Pole and insert into the Window Cleaner handle
3. Ensure the holes of the Floorcleaner Pole and Window Cleaner are aligned
4. Insert the e-Clip
5. Twist the pole to extend and turn to lock into place
Features and functions The Indoor Window Cleaner removes calcium deposits and other build up on glass including lime, mould and soap scum. The blade holder can be angled up or down to suit your cleaning technique and the sturdy stainless steel press-studs make the removal of the fibre super easy for washing. The Indoor Window Cleaner can be attached to the Telescopic Pole and Twister to reach high to reach surfaces. Replacement components are available.
Clean Side description Gives surfaces a deep clean to remove calcium, lime, mould and soap scum in wet areas such as showers and mirrors.
Areas of use Windows, Shower Screens, Mirrors

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