20cm Indoor Window Cleaner Complete

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Cleaning small windows and mirrors around the home has never been easier with the ENJO Window Cleaner. No more spray and wipe, just add water to loosen and lift dirt and build-up with the ENJO Fibre, then use the blade for a streak-free finish every time in no time.

1 x 20cm Indoor Window Cleaner Complete Hardware
1 x 20cm Indoor Fibre for Window Cleaner


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27 Jan 2021
20cm bathroom cleaner

Great for the screens in the bathrooms. Beautifully small to get in the little corners. Makes everything so quick. Thank you!

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27 Jan 2021
Great product

I bought this to clean the shower screens, does a great job so glad I bought this smaller window cleaner. I have the larger one too which is great for my windows.

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02 Jul 2020
life changing!

It might cost a little bit more initially, and you think, 'Oh my god, should I buy this?' and the answer is YES! It has completely changed the way we clean our shower. Instead of struggling with a week's worth of nasty city water build up and stinky shower cleaner and LOTS of elbow grease, we just rub this little baby over the glass and tiles of our shower every couple of days after our showers. It takes about 1 minute so if you're in a hell of a hurry, you can wait until you have that extra minute (alright, two minutes!) to do it. We also try to use the blade to clear the water off after every shower but if we're running on the clock, it's sometimes not going to happen. However, it doesn't seem to matter about clearing the water after Every shower because the Enjo cloth removes any build up from the previous day/s without any trouble, and certainly NO commercial cleaning products are used any more! We are thrilled to bits, and slightly embarrassed that a cleaning apparatus can produce so much excitement in our house! I think we need to get out more!!!

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Clean small indoor glass surfaces.
Use On...
Shower screens, mirrors, glass windows and doors.
Use It...
Wet or damp with cold water.
How to Use
Our Indoor Window Cleaner arrives fully assembled. Hold the handle and simply cover the end of the Window Cleaner with a damp Window Cleaner Fibre, close the press stud to secure. Clean your surface with the fibre, and then use the blade to clean from top to bottom. Use an ENJO Miracle to dry the blade.
To clean hard to reach windows you can attach your ENJO Window Cleaner to the Telescopic Pole from your ENJO Floorcleaner. Once your windows are clean, simply remove the ENJO Fibre and wash to use again. The ENJO Indoor Window Cleaner comes with a 12-month warranty.

To attach the Telescopic Pole
1. Press the small black button on the bottom of the Window Cleaner handle, this releases the black e-Clip and Cap from the handle.
2. Insert the Telescopic Pole into the Window Cleaner handle.
3. Ensure the holes of the Telescopic Pole and Window Cleaner are aligned.
4. Insert the black e-Clip.
5. Twist the Telescopic Pole anti-clockwise, adjust the pole height, twist clockwise to secure.
Window and shower cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges, rags and paper towel.