Indoor Miracle

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Keep hard and high-shine surfaces in your living areas clean and streak-free with the ENJO Indoor Miracle. The Indoor Miracle is perfect for adding shine to surfaces around the home after the ENJO Dust Glove has removed all traces of dust.

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24 Jul 2017
The Best Cloth EVER!

I love this cloth, it makes my job so much easy when cleaning the glass on the Channel 9 News Set... no more fingerprints or grubby marks gone in a flash!

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kitchen wizz

23 Jul 2017
My kitchen cupboards have never looked cleaner and shinier. Very easy to use and quickly removed all marks and food spills. Excellent

I found my kitchen wizz to be amazingly easy to use. The white cupboards now have a lovely shine to them after all the dust, grim and food spills were quickly removed with very little effort.
My kitchen wiz now hangs on a hook next to the sink for use whenever needed. Fantastic

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20 Apr 2017
Indoor miracle

Is it used wet?

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Add shine to surfaces.
Use On...
Furniture, cabinets, cupboards, TVs, ornaments and mirrors.
Use It...
Dry or damp.
How to Use
Fold in four and use to wipe the surface removing streaks and smudges.
Leaves surfaces lint-free and streak-free by removing smudges and finger marks without chemicals.
Feather dusters, rags, polishing cloths, chemical sprays and polishes.