We’re only as healthy as the air we breathe. Discover what you can do to breathe better in the space you spend the most time. A healthier home starts here.

How healthy is your home?

Did you know that the air in your home could be five times more polluted than the air outside? Dust, allergens, chemicals, VOCs, mould and moisture impact our home's indoor air quality.

Does indoor air quality matter? Yes, poor indoor air quality is linked to health concerns from allergies to respiratory disease.

What's the answer to cleaner air at home?



A cleaner way to clean

ENJO is committed to cleaner air indoors and outdoors. 100% carbon neutral production, certified non-toxic fibres and a way to clean that needs no harsh chemicals.

ENJO cleaning products offer a complete solution for a cleaner home and cleaner air.


Introducing the healthiest way to clean your floors

Dust-free floors meet a streak-free clean with one floor-cleaning system and zero harsh chemicals.


Smart fibres keep your floors clean without toxic chemicals.


Fibre technology is effective and efficient, loosening, lifting and trapping dirt.


Adjust the Floorcleaner to suit your height, no bucket and no bending.


Less water and no chemicals for less water waste and no toxic wastewater.


Clean, wash, dry, repeat – reuse your Floor Fibre for 3 years.


Buy once and enjoy clean floors without chemicals for 3 years.


Remove dust and keep your floors clean without polluting the air with chemicals.



Complete Floor Bundle $259

Back by popular request, the complete ENJO Floor cleaning system is all you need to keep your floors looking clean and best of all, free from harsh ingredients – for the next three years.


Floorcleaner NOW $99

High-quality, ergonomic in design and easy to use, the ENJO Floorcleaner is a must-have item for all Australian households. Just add your fibre of choice and you’re ready to go!


Floor Fibres NOW $89

Specially designed to suit every floor, our range of clever Floor Fibres clean quickly + easily. No bucket, no mess.



Dust less, dust smart

Dust gets everywhere, contributes to poor indoor air quality and is notoriously hard to clean. Fortunately, not all dusting tools were created equal. 

ENJO's Dust Fibre works to trap and hold dust, dispersing 13-times less dust during the cleaning process. Less dust and no chemicals for a healthier home.




Living Bundle with BONUS Leather & Wood Balm (Set) $129

Total Value $238

Clean and care for your living areas with a chemical-free collection that removes dust, polishes high shine surfaces, spot-cleans stains and nourishes wood and leather.

- Removes dust, pet hair + allergens

- Lifts, traps + removes dirt and build-up

- Keeps surfaces smear and smudge free

- Cleans and cares for your fabrics

- Protects and preserves leather furnishings

BONUS Leather & Wood Balm Set also available with the ENJOpure Bundle and Starter Bundle.



Let's clean healthier

Two-thirds of the dust in your home comes in from outside. Make the change to a chemical-free clean and receive a free* dust-buffering doormat, valued at $60 when you host a Demo in August.



Pay less for your cleaning products and enjoy free gifts.

See ENJO in action

Learn cleaning tips from an ENJO expert and clean your own home.

Share with friends

Catch-up with friend and family and share a healthier way to clean.

Support local business

Customer service and personalised experience that supports your local economy.


Living with ENJO

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