Fussy Floor Fibre

Fussy Floor Fibre
For all those fussy floors that are prone to showing up streaks and smears, there's the Fussy Floor Fibre! Made from extra smooth fibres that gently glide over floors, this fibre dries super-fast, leaving nothing but a streak-free shine.

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Love this fibre for my Bamboo Floor. Leaves no streaks or water marks, makes cleaning the floor worthwhile.
Review by Vee / (Posted on 24/04/2017)
Need to try it more but still leaning towards the glossy floor fibre as my preferred option for high gloss jarah floorboards.
Review by Busy Mum / (Posted on 24/04/2017)
Love Enjo. So easy to use. Leaves my timber floor looking clean with no residue.
Review by Debbie / (Posted on 24/04/2017)
Highly recommend
Love this floor fibre.
I have bamboo floors and find it works amazingly.
No streaks anymore.
Review by Glenda / (Posted on 24/04/2017)
Easy & quick to use
did a good job on my floating timber floor..didn't leave streaks
Review by FJ / (Posted on 23/04/2017)
Love It
Love it. Easy to use and great results
Review by Rae / (Posted on 22/04/2017)
Not sure about fussy fibre
I have very shiney white tiles, the fussy floor fibre seems to leave a cloudy smear, not sure if its the right fibre for me
Review by Willy Wag Tail / (Posted on 21/04/2017)
Not for boards
I have Jarrah satin boards, have always used the yellow enjo fubre.. as it wore out ( 10 years) I purchased this but find it leaves water marks and smears after washing. Just doesn't seem to be absorbent or soft enough it's quite stiff. Have just purchase a new yellow one....
Review by Livia / (Posted on 1/04/2017)
Wrong fibre but great exchange
Didn't work for my polished jarrah floorboards with satin/gloss finish. It seemed to leave a dull residue on the boards. I've since exchanged for the glossy floor fibre, which is the right one for my floors and works beautifully.
Review by MGMACB / (Posted on 24/03/2017)
Fussy Floor Fibre
Love this fibre, have high gloss porcelain tiles at home they come up beautifully after cleaning with the fussy floor fibre, wish I had gotten one sooner.
Review by Mel / (Posted on 23/03/2017)
Saved my sanity
This saved my sanity and my back from breaking. Super quick and comfortable to use especially if you have a bad back. LOVE my enjo.
Review by Karen / (Posted on 22/03/2017)
it's more like practical and quite ergonometric, especially if you are older and your body is not perfect as it used to be
Review by tough nut / (Posted on 19/03/2017)
Works well on my gloss timber floors. Doesn't leave any water marks
Review by Anna / (Posted on 20/02/2017)
Good. Does what it claims to. Easy
It got a bit too wet before i finished.... but it is a big area. All goood
Review by Mem / (Posted on 7/01/2017)
Easy, efficient and chemical free
Works so well. Smooth and easy gliding.
The supplier of our bamboo floor gave us a cheap imitation saying it was just as good as the more expensive ones. It simply wouldn't glide over the floor and I was instructed to use some nasty floor cleaning chemical with it. Very hard work.
Now I can get around and mop my floors very quickly with just a little bit of water. Love my new Enjo mop!
Review by Annie / (Posted on 29/12/2016)
good for marble floors.
very good.
Review by don't have one............. / (Posted on 22/12/2016)
I love my new floor fibre. It cleans my floors and leaves no streaks.
Review by Lara / (Posted on 19/11/2016)
Great fibre
It's as fussy as I am! Leaves glossy floors looking amazing
Review by Ange / (Posted on 28/10/2016)
Great on my click floors
Review by Tizzi / (Posted on 9/10/2016)
Does what it says!
Love the fussy floor fibre! Never thought Id find anything to clean the floors in my salon, amazing!!
Review by JessJ / (Posted on 24/09/2016)
best product for high gloss floors
excellent product performed way past my expectations
would recommend to anyone for high gloss floors its the best !!!!
Review by sis / (Posted on 4/07/2016)
Excellent results on high gloss tiles
Review by Fabulous / (Posted on 28/06/2016)
Love it too!
I have used every incarnation of the Fussy Floor Fibre & this version delivers too! Love it in our cleaning biz for all those high gloss tiles.
Review by Greencleaner / (Posted on 26/06/2016)
Love it
Absolutely love it!!!!! and streak free.....
Review by Aunty Cat / (Posted on 25/06/2016)
I have happily used ENJO products for years so when we had over 80sm of solid bamboo laid I immediately purchased floor fibres. The blue one did an OK job but definitely left streaks. My new Fussy Floor Fibre is brilliant! Absolutely no streaks or marks & my floors dry almost immediately. I love my Fussy Floor Fibre!
Review by Teri / (Posted on 24/06/2016)
no more smears
we have glossy black tiles that we could to get clean. We tried so many things

The enjo fussy floor fibre has removed all the smears!
Review by ralo / (Posted on 20/06/2016)
There are no words to describe how amazing this product is. I have black floorboards and this is has been my lifesaver! Thank you Enjo!
Review by Sanja / (Posted on 3/06/2016)
Great and easy to use
Love this product, never thought I'd go away from a steam mop. This is quicker and almost the same quality finish on gloss tiles. Trick is to get just enough water but not too much.
Review by Felly / (Posted on 17/05/2016)
love it
I have a terrible white kitchen tile floor and have found that I use the outdoor fibre first and there is lots of water residue but with this fibre it leaves it almost dry and soo clean
Review by chris / (Posted on 3/05/2016)
I have used enjo mops for years, on my timber floor but was never happy on my high gloss tiled bathrooms until now... for 6 years I was hand polishing my tiles with old enjo tea towels on my hand and knees. This fibre is brilliant and saves my knees, back and time. I was so sceptical about buying this as I had the gloss fibre and it still streaked.
Review by Deanna / (Posted on 19/03/2016)
Love it!
Very happy with the fussy floor fibre- leaves a beautiful finish on my high gloss tiles.
Review by Joy / (Posted on 15/02/2016)
Streak free
I have been using different Enjo fool fibres for many years. They keep getting better and this Fussy Floor Fibre sure is fussy. Works really well to clean without leaving signs of cleaning on our semi gloss hardwoord timber floors. So easy to use also. Great to have with a new baby in the house.
Review by Elise / (Posted on 11/02/2016)
So impressed!
I have polished wooden floors and was finding it hard to get a streak free finish. This floor fibre is simply amazing and my floors look fabulous with so little effort. Love it!
Review by Kylie / (Posted on 20/03/2015)
A fabulous fibre
I have been a long time user of Enjo products. The "Fussy Floor Fibre" does exactly as the description says - it leaves no streaks and really cleans the floor. I have tiled floors in the family room and kitchen and a number of Golden Retrievers who frequently leave muddy paws prints on the floor, not to mention lots of water which doesn't quite stay in their mouths after drinking from the water bowl. The "Fussy Floor Fibre" left not a trace on the tiles. I did also use the Mop & Squirt for the first time, which is outstanding. No smudges, no spots or watermarks and no foot prints - really, really pleased with the Fussy Floor Fibre.
Review by Trisha / (Posted on 21/12/2014)
Great product
I have got jarrah floors laid throughout my house. This is a fantastic product that stops the streaking that I used to get. Highly recommend it.
Review by Pet / (Posted on 22/11/2014)
Finally the One
I have a love/hate relationship with my polished porcelain tile floors because I could find nothing to leave them streak free - until I found the fussy floor fibre - brilliant - no streaks at all!
Review by febe / (Posted on 22/10/2014)
Streak free, stress free
greatest floor fibre for porcelain floors! no streaks, no mop and bucket and no worries. No sticky footprints either!! Just Pop it in the washing machine and use again. I love it!!
Review by Mummyfrog / (Posted on 27/05/2014)
I had been cleaning a floor (floating floorboards) which no matter what I did would always leave spots and watermarks. I used the fussy floor fibre mop with the Method Wood Floor cleaner and it looked awesome! No watermarks, no streaks or spots - just clean and shiny!!
Review by Kat / (Posted on 8/03/2014)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Effectively cleaning any floor surface that's prone to showing up streaks and smears, resulting in a dull appearance. Suitable for waxed, oiled and non-sealed floors. Not to be used on rough surfaces as the fibre may catch and snag.
How do I use it? Damp (water only)
Features and functions Made from extra smooth fibres that absorb more water than cotton and polyester. The Fussy Floor Fibre absorbs water and dries quickly to help retard the growth of bacteria. Due to the fibre's high level absorbency, it's also suitable at mopping up spills.
FloorFibre Fussy Floor Fibre

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