Fruit & Veg Cloth

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Remove dirt and unwanted residues from fruit and vegetables quickly and easily with ENJO’s Fruit & Veg Cloth. Use the rough side to loosen, lift and remove pesticides, preservatives and wax from your 5-a-day and dry with the smooth side for clean eating every time.


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13 Aug 2019
Ok... but not as big as the old one!

We have just replaced our trusty fruit and veg cloth after years of daily use. The first thing we noticed is how much smaller the new cloth is compared to the older stock! Otherwise, it does a great job

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17 Jan 2019
Works really well

I make a lot of fresh juice so it's good to be able to quickly clean the fruit before it goes through the juicer. You can feel the difference on the apples with one wipe

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14 Dec 2018
Love how shiny and clean my apples look in the fruit bowl

I really love using this cloth. I swear it makes my apples last longer in the fruit bowl if I clean them all right away when packing the shopping away.

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Remove unwanted residue and pesticides.
Use On...
Fruit and vegetables.
Use It...
Dry or wet.
How to Use
Wet the produce first, use the rough side to loosen and lift unwanted dirt and residues, rinse, and dry-off with the smooth side.
Two clever fibres to remove dirt and dry fresh produce.
Disposable paper towel and drying cloths.