Floorcleaner Head

Floorcleaner Head
Designed as a replacement component for your Floorcleaner so that you can continue to clean hard floor surfaces in your home with ease! Made from a very sturdy recycled plastic, the Floorcleaner Head easily attaches to the Telescopic Pole making the perfect lightweight and ergonomic Floorcleaner.

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completely satisfied
I am very happy with the enjo mop
Review by barry / (Posted on 20/05/2017)
Great product
I love enjo. This is my 2nd mop head in 13 years so if you add up how many cheap mops you would go through in that time, i have saved a fortune!
Review by Sass / (Posted on 19/05/2017)
Great product
I have had this enjo mop for over 10 years & the head has just snapped! The only mop i have used in that time & gets a good work out. I will be replacing asap.
Review by Sammy / (Posted on 17/04/2017)
Only design flaw is the black plastic connector between the bottom of the handle and the cleaning head, seems like it is a common failure, should be made from metal for endurance or replaceable plastic. Not environmentally friendly to throw away the whole floor head assembly just because a tiny bit of plastic snapped!
Review by James / (Posted on 12/04/2017)
I have just replaced the floor cleaner head after using it for about 15 years I just love this product
Review by vonnie / (Posted on 12/02/2017)
Floor Head
This is my 3rd Enjo Head since I was a REP 10 years ago. The little Black Notch which locks the stick in place has snapped off twice. Other than that ENJO all the way.
Review by Leah / (Posted on 9/10/2016)
Great product.
This is our 2nd cleaner head. Gets a lot of workout - great product.
Review by Wassa / (Posted on 15/08/2016)
Love the enjo mop
Love my enjo mop. I've used it twice a day both wet and dry, for 4yrs.the fibres are still goin strong, clean well and it's so easy to use (I can even make the handle small enough for my 4yr old to help out with the cleaning). Unfortunately the join at the end perished (my own fault for leaving it in the harsh Queensland sun a few too many times after using it to clean my above ground pool). But that's over 4yrs of use. Using it to clean my verandah roof and all my walls probably but some strain on the joint too :D. You really can clean anything easily with it.
Review by SamW / (Posted on 28/07/2016)
Easy safe and clean
I'm 22 and grew up with ENJO. I suffer severe migraines from chemicals in cleaning products. There is nothing like enjo. I love this broom/mop it's light and so easy to use. We used a Dyson vacuum cleaner for the whole house then I would sweep with the ENJO floor cleaner and it will pick up everything that the Dyson Vaccume had missed! They clean the floor properly and are chemical free !!
Review by Jess / (Posted on 16/07/2016)
Very happy ENJO user
Happy with all my ENJO products. Wouldn't be without them. Having used them for so many years am having to replace some.
Review by Nellie / (Posted on 11/06/2016)
Wouldn't be without my ENJO products, easy to use, perfect results
My daughter & I have used ENJO products for approx 11 years now. Using regularly, the time has come to replace my Floor cleaner Head and Gloss Floor Fibre. easy to use. Perfect results
Review by Narelle / (Posted on 26/04/2016)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? A replacement component that easily attaches to the Telescopic Pole completing the Floorcleaner Pole and Head.
How do I use it? With the Telescopic Pole & Floor Fibres
Features and functions The Floorcleaner Head is designed for form and function with the Telescopic Pole making it quick and easy to use and manoeuvre. Occasionally the Floorcleaner should be washed in hot soapy water to remove built up dirt and grit.

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