Floorcleaner Head

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Designed as a replacement component for your ENJO Floorcleaner so that you can continue to clean your home’s hard floor surfaces with ease. Made from recycled plastic, the ENJO Floorcleaner Head simply attaches to the Telescopic Pole making the perfect lightweight and ergonomic Floorcleaner.



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works efficiently

19 May 2019
I would purchase again

this was a replacement I broke other piece

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14 Feb 2019
Enjo Die hard

I have been using Enjo ever since my kids were little (oldest is now 21) so when a part breaks is is great that you only need to replace the broken part and that ENJO new is still compatible with ENJO old
great work

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08 Feb 2019
Very happy with performance tku very much

I hesitated for twelve months before I reordered this item.
Can't believe I did so.
The way this item corners and its overall performance are excellent.
Initially had problems signing in but once clarified, the order was here in no time. Thank you for your follow up.

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Use It...
With the Telescopic Pole and ENJO Floor Fibre best suited to clean your floors.
How to Use
To set up your ENJO Floorcleaner
Simply place the Head on the floor with the yellow collar in the down position. Guide the Pole into the neck of the Head, twist the Pole clockwise and wait to hear the click.

To attach or change your Floor Fibre
Place your fibre on the floor, fibre side down. Place the Floorcleaner collar down, slip the left side of the Head into the fibre, press the ‘open’ lever and slip the right side of the Head into the fibre. Press the ‘close’ lever, lift the collar and you’re ready to clean!

To store
Simply remove your Floor Fibre, stand up the Pole and press down the yellow collar.
Water and your ENJO Floor Fibre is all your need - no mops, no buckets and no chemicals means it’s easy to get clean floors every time. Wash your Floor Fibre after use and clean your floors again and again for up to three years.

For ease of use adjust the height of the Pole to be level with your nose by placing your foot on the Head, twisting the Pole anticlockwise, adjusting the height and twisting clockwise to secure.

Super easy to use and manoeuvre, it’s effective design allows the Pole to go parallel to the floor, meaning it’s possible to clean the tightest spaces and under furniture with ease.