32cm Outdoor Fibre for Window Cleaner

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Perfect for cleaning larger exterior windows and glass surfaces, the ENJO Outdoor Window Cleaner Fibre requires just a little water, and no chemicals, to cut through dirt and finger marks on glass surfaces outside the home. Simply attach to ENJO’s best-selling Outdoor Window Cleaner and dry with a Miracle for a streak-free finish.


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18 May 2021
Window cleaner

My husband used this with the multi tool to do the windows and said it the best the windows have looked, and he has used as many different types of window cleaners.

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01 May 2021
Get the sunglasses!

The outdoor fibre window cleaner is so easy to use. It's hard to believe no chemicals, or harsh rubbing is needed for the result. The windows can be mistaken for brand new, just installed, they look perfect.

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28 Dec 2020
Love the window fibre cleaner

I bought a second one so my husband can use one for the solar panels & one for the windows, that's a win win situation in my books. He loves how it cleans the solar panels.

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Use On...
External windows, sliding glass doors, pool fences and solar panels.
Use It...
How to Use
Simply wet the fibre, attach to your ENJO Outdoor Window Cleaner. Clean the surface with the fibre, then use the blade from the top to the bottom of the surface to remove excess water. Finish by drying the blade or edges of the window with the Outdoor Miracle.
Fibres loosen and lift dirt, water marks, streaks and smudges quickly and easily without chemicals.

To clean hard to reach windows you can attach your ENJO Window Cleaner to the Telescopic Pole from your ENJO Floorcleaner. Once your windows are clean, simply remove the ENJO Fibre and wash to use again.
Window cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges, rags and paper towel.