32cm Indoor Fibre for Window Cleaner

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Perfect for cleaning larger glass surfaces with ease, the ENJO Indoor Window Cleaner Fibre requires just a little water, and no chemicals, to cut through dirt and finger marks on glass surfaces at home. Simply attach to ENJO’s best-selling Indoor Window Cleaner and dry with a Miracle for a streak-free finish.


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23 Nov 2020
Very usefull.

so easy to clean the walls inside the house down with as well as the windows.

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28 Jan 2018
Don’t put it off any longer

Why why why did I leave it so long? I cannot believe how much time I save using the enjo method. The best solution by far and the extension pole saves climbing up and down a ladder

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26 Dec 2017
Great for shower

I use this for my shower, I squeegy the walls and then clean with with the fibre, so quick, I do it most morning after my shower. Love it! I love all my Enjo Fibres and I am always telling people to use them as they so great.

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Clean large indoor glass surfaces.
Use On...
Shower screens, mirrors, glass windows and doors.
Use It...
Wet or damp with cold water.
How to Use
Simply wet the fibre, attach to your ENJO Indoor Window Cleaner, clean the surface with the fibre, then use the blade from the top to the bottom of the surface to remove excess water.
Fibres loosen and lift calcium, water marks and other mineral deposits with just water.
Window and shower cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges, rags and paper towel.