Face Cleanser

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For effective removal of any type of face mask, simply by adding water.

The Face Cleanser lift impurities and cleanses completely with zero harsh ingredients.

Dry your freshly cleansed skin with our luxe Bamboo Face Towel.

Now you have me, you no longer need
- soaps + liquid cleansers
- toners

Our earth-loving cleanser is reusable for glowing skin all year round. Wash weekly.

Available in Lilac, Blush + Midnight.



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04 Jan 2021
It could be better

I love enjo products but the face cleaner is too rigid to move over the face. We need on that is just one layer.

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21 Jun 2020

easy on the face get ride of makeup easy

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16 Feb 2020
It's ok

I have only used this once to remove makeup and it worked well. I usually use it dry but don't really see a difference in my skin yet. Again though I think the prices are too high for the products. I won't go to another party.

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