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Spot clean and remove stains from your home furnishings and clothing with the ENJO Fabric Glove. The handcrafted Fabric Glove is specially woven and two-sided, making it perfect for cleaning hardwearing textiles like carpet and smooth surfaces like leather, all without harsh chemicals.


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01 May 2018
The life saver

This product seriously blew me away. I've been using Enjo for 18 years and never really used the fabric glove but I saw this being used to clean a beige leather lounge and oh my gosh it looked brand new! I had to have my own. I squirted my foundation on a white linen top before i went out and the fabric glove took it right off... seriously is a life saver

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26 Apr 2018
Most stains off upholstered chairs after 4 years

This glove is amazing. It has removed 80% pen/texts.marks .off our dining upholstered chairs after 4 years.. with just water!

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26 Jan 2018
Wow! Wow! Wow!

This glove is amazing ! I had bought it for my leather seats in car but haven’t tried there yet. It has already removed grease stains in shade couch which have never been able to come out even with professional cleaning !!!
Then a tradesman touched our drapes with his wet dirty hand and left a stain, got out the fabric glove and GONE !!! No need to clean the whole drape !

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Textured Side Description
Great for smooth surfaces like leather.
Striped Side Description
Perfect for cleaning hard-wearing textiles like carpets and fabric sofas.
Clean furnishings and fabric around the home.
Use On...
Fabric and leather furniture, carpets, rugs, curtains, blinds and clothing.
Use It...
How to Use
Simply make the Fabric Glove damp with water, and clean in a circular motion to lift and loosen the dirt or stain.
Two clever fibres to clean both rough and smooth textures. Always avoid excessive rubbing on fabrics, this can damage the fibre, finish or colour.
Stain removers, chemical fabric and carpet cleaners and disposable cloths.