Fabric Glove

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Spot clean and remove stains from your home furnishings and clothing with the ENJO Fabric Glove. The handcrafted Fabric Glove is specially woven and two-sided, making it perfect for cleaning hardwearing textiles like carpet and smooth surfaces like leather, all without harsh chemicals.
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23 Oct 2017
Excellent product

I have almost all of Enjo products and I can't believe how easy my cleaning
has become and what a wonderful product it is

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03 Jun 2017

Couches where looking a bit tatty and dirty, a wipe over with the fabric glove and they looked like new and clean it was great

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19 May 2017
Brilliant cloth

Just purchased this and used it on my beige carpet removed a spot immediately. Awesome!!!!

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Textured Side Description Great for smooth surfaces like leather.
Striped Side Description Perfect for cleaning hard-wearing textiles like carpets and fabric sofas.
USE TO... Clean furnishings and fabric around the home.
Use On... Fabric and leather furniture, carpets, rugs, curtains, blinds and clothing.
Use It... Damp.
How to Use Simply make the Fabric Glove damp with water, and clean in a circular motion to lift and loosen the dirt or stain.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Two clever fibres to clean both rough and smooth textures. Always avoid excessive rubbing on fabrics, this can damage the fibre, finish or colour.
REPLACES Stain removers, chemical fabric and carpet cleaners and disposable cloths.