Extreme Floor Fibre

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Introduce extremely dirty floors both inside and out to an ENJO clean with the ENJO Extreme Floor Fibre. Just add water and with your ENJO Floorcleaner the specially designed Extreme Floor Fibre cleans heavy duty dirt and grime.

Floorcleaner to be purchased separately.
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18 May 2013
Great product

The only thing I know that removes dried bird poo from decking!


01 Jul 2014
Just what my textured lino needed...

Our rental has a textured lino that I decided was going to need a little more something than the matte floor fibre, so I decided to get the extreme floor fibre! It's a nice strong fibre just that will get my floor clean after previous tenants and my lousy mop haven't kept it clean. I look forward to our feet not looking so 'black'. Mind you I will be needing the gloss floor fibre because I have an abundance of wood floors and this leaves a scungy residue on them.


03 Oct 2016

I was a bit skeptical about this working on my outdoor filthy textured tiles, but it has blown me away with how it cleaned my patio. My patio has never been so clean, I used this once a fortnight and love it

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Use On... Extremely dirty smooth surfaces, slate, garage and driveways.
Use It... Wet (the dirtier the surface the wetter the Extreme Floor Fibre needs to be).
How to Use For extremely dirty surfaces, sweep away loose dirt first, then simply wet the Extreme Floor Fibre under a tap or with your ENJO Spray Trigger Bottle, squeeze out any excess water. Attach the Floor Fibre to your ENJO Floorcleaner and clean your floor in an ‘S’ motion.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Water is all your need - no mops, no buckets and no chemicals means it’s easy to get clean floors every time. Wash your Floor Fibre after use and clean your floors again and again for up to three years.

Not suitable for waxed or oiled flooring.
REPLACES Floor cleaning detergents, floor mop and bucket.