Extreme Floor Fibre

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Just add water and with your ENJO Floorcleaner the specially designed Extreme Floor Fibre cleans heavy duty dirt and grime. Important information: Use on:  Built up dirt on extremely dirty indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces, including slate, garage and unoiled decking. If used on indoor floors we recommend drying off afterwards with Matte or Shine Floor Fibre. Confirm with your local ENJOpreneur if unsure. Floorcleaner to be purchased separately.


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13 Apr 2019
I have traded for Matt floor

Absolutely love enjo. My house has NEVER been this clean before.
Thank you
I couldn't be happier.

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26 Mar 2019
Fantastic Product

Fantastic product. Works better than anything else I have tried to clean our textured vinyl tile floor with. Highly recommended.

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21 Jan 2019

I have uneven vinyl floor tiles, part of their pattern, and this product really does clean them very well. We do not have a pet, however, this floor fibre is a lot better than I had hoped for!! Thank you ENJO.

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Use On...
Extremely dirty smooth surfaces, slate, garage and driveways.
Use It...
Wet (the dirtier the surface the wetter the Extreme Floor Fibre needs to be).
How to Use
For extremely dirty surfaces, sweep away loose dirt first, then simply wet the Extreme Floor Fibre under a tap or with your ENJO Spray Trigger Bottle, squeeze out any excess water. Attach the Floor Fibre to your ENJO Floorcleaner and clean your floor in an ‘S’ motion.
Water is all your need - no mops, no buckets and no chemicals means it’s easy to get clean floors every time. Wash your Floor Fibre after use and clean your floors again and again for up to three years.

Not suitable for waxed or oiled flooring.
Floor cleaning detergents, floor mop and bucket.