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Make one simple change to the way you clean your entire home with our ENJOpure Bundle – everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

When you choose to clean with ENJO, you choose to make a positive impact on the planet.

Our products harness a unique fibre technology that allows you to clean your home effectively without chemicals – just add water!

The way we clean is simple – wet the fibre, wipe the surface and dry with a Miracle. Learn how to use ENJO in any part of your home.

Product features:

– Handcrafted quality using durable, sustainable raw materials
– 100% produced in Austria
– Unique fibre technology
– Effective clean without chemicals
– Guaranteed satisfaction for up to 3 years
– Save $2,668.32 on cleaning products over the 3 year period
– Can be upcycled after end of life

To learn more about how our products work, see the Fibre Lifecycle.


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Price as configured: $879.00



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29 Dec 2021
Everything I need to clean my home

So I have known about Enjo for 20+ years, my mum got it just after it arrived in Australia and recently (finally) I moved out on my own with 2 pets and was looking for a Low-NO too option for clean and an Enjo ad made it way onto my insta. I researched everything and every option and decided this bundle was the best for me. My pets get into everything and like to follow me, what ever im doing so getting everything at once was also the best option for them. I have now had this bundle for 4 weeks and have used everything 5-6 times and honestly I have NEVER used a product or products that clean as well as these do. The All Purpose cloth and mini kitchen I use for my dishes and they are the cleanest I've seen them and I wash them all by hand (no dishwasher). It leaves no grease behind or marks or anything. One of my pets accidentally bled on my carpet, instinctually I used a paper towel then remembered my Fabric Glove, I used it on the blood stain and it was gone in seconds. My oven which is mirrored finished has always had streaks on it, no amount of glass cleaner would help and one go with my kitchen glove and miracle cloth and its sparkles without streaks! I'm so so happy with all of these products I am recommending to any one that would listen and even got my mum back onto it again. If you are considering it, I say DO IT.

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02 Dec 2021
very good

lots of product to use and many rooms to work on. No fuss and ease of using the gloves and cloths will be excellent.

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10 Oct 2021

I've been using Enjo for at least 30 years and this new bundle is working as well as the first bundle all those years ago.

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Clean your kitchen, bathroom, living areas, floors, windows outdoor areas and car.
Liquid and cream chemical cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges and scourers, drying cloths, paper towel, mop and buckets, stain removers, dusting cloths, car shampoo and outdoor cleaners.