ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle 500ml

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ENJO allows you to refresh the way you clean and replace chemical sprays with just water. ENJO’s Trigger Spray Bottle is the only spray bottle you’ll need to ENJO-clean your home. Manufactured to the highest standard it’s made to last but is 100% recyclable too!

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09 Jul 2018
Enjoy spray bottle

Love this product

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01 Jul 2018
spray bottle

its a glorified spray bottle

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01 Jun 2018
Easy to spray and use even if upside down!

I love that this bottle can be upside down and still sprays. It would be fantastic if it had a clip to hook over your jeans to carry it around with ease while cleaning, but otherwise it's great!!

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Wet surfaces.
Use On...
All surfaces.
Use It...
To spray surfaces or your ENJO Fibre before cleaning.
Holds 0.5L of water with an adjustable brass nozzle to spray a fine mist or jet stream. Lightweight, easy to handle with a 360° system allowing you to spray in all directions.

To be used with cool water only. Adding fragrance or essentials oils can cause discoloration of the Trigger Spray Bottle and deterioration to the straw.