See it. Love it. Own it!

Seeing ENJO in your own home is a fabulous way to find a healthier, quicker and easier way to clean with just fibre and water. Yep, you read that right. No chemical nasties!

Our ENJOpreneurs are a savvy bunch of passionate people who will be able to share their expertise, cleaning secrets, special offers and a few freebies too! So gather your friends, or go at it solo, and discover a new way of cleaning. 


A Demo is seeing ENJO in your own home on your own surfaces, and sharing the experience with your friends. Gather your gal-pals for a coffee (or cocktail!) and uncover a new, revolutionary way to clean. We’ll reveal how to clean your bathroom, kitchen, floors and all – for less than $6 per week. What’s more, you could choose to see ENJO make light cleaning of your outdoors or how to get fabulously glowing skin without the sting!

Why a Demo? That’s an easy question…

  • It’s perfect if you’re new to ENJO
  • You can share products with your friends
  • It’s the best way to earn rewards
  • Shop in the comfort of your own home

Want awesome rewards? You got em’!


A Personal Appointment is seeing ENJO in your own home on your own surfaces. It’s a personalised Demo showing… just for you! Your ENJOpeneur will give you access to all the products you need to keep your home clean and chemical free.

Just like a Group Demo, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Detailed information on all things ENJO
  • Personalised for your home cleaning needs
  • Shop in the comfort of your own home
  • Access to exclusive 1on1 rewards

What’s in it for you? Loads!

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