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Eco & Green Cleaning Products
ENJO are Australia’s leading supplier of eco-friendly, safe and green cleaning products. We care as much for your home as we do for your family and are always exploring ways we can collectively reduce our effect on the planet. Our range of chemical-free, eco cleaning products cover every part of your home and life, making use of our powerful yet gentle cleaning technology and design.

Eco-Friendly & Environmental Cleaning Products
What makes us different? We believe it’s our commitment to cleaning in an eco-friendly, safe and sustainable way which sets ENJO apart from the rest. One of our biggest achievements is the development of our specialised microfibre technology which enables our products to be used efficiently and effectively by simply adding water!

Although a single fibre is 100 times finer than a human hair, our ultra-fine microfibres are engineered with the durability and ability to last for countless cleans to come. These fibres are engineered to lift, trap and hold dust, dirt, grease and grime across multiple surfaces and environments. After use, these fibres simply need to be washed in water and they’re ready to be used again – there’s no need to throw them out! It’s this system which makes our green cleaning products more sustainable and environmentally friendly for everyone.

This innovative system can help to keep your home clean and dust-free without the need for heavy cleaning chemicals and toxins.

From the kitchen and bathroom, to outdoor windows and floors, you won’t find safe, environmental cleaning products like these anywhere else. Our eco-friendly cleaning approach has been embraced by thousands of happy Australians. You too can benefit from ENJO in your home.

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