Dust Glove

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Keep your living areas clean and dust free with the ENJO Dust Glove. The healthiest and easiest way to reduce the dust in your home, the ENJO Fibres physically trap and efficiently remove even the finest micro dust from surfaces that won’t be released until shaken or washed.


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02 Aug 2021

I am very happy with the way the Dust Glove collects up all the dust. My only suggestion is that it would be better if shaped for the four fingers together and the thumb separately.

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17 Jul 2021
Very pleased with dust glove.

Having used a dust glove for many years. I am very pleased with the new one, it is certainly an improvement on the old one.

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12 Jun 2021
Easy to use and does a great job on plantation shutters.

Bought this glove from my area rep,who demonstrated on plantation shutters.
This glove is very easy to use and cleans quickly and easily.

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Remove dust from big household items.
Use On...
Furniture, cabinets, cupboards, TVs, computers and plants.
Use It...
How to Use
Simply wipe the dry surface to pick-up dust, fluff, lint and hair.
The ENJO Dust fibres collect even the finest of micro dust particles including fine human and animal hair. Dust particles remain in the Glove until it is shaken outside or laundered. If a surface is dusty and greasy or damp, then use a Kitchen Glove, Kitchen Mini or Allpurpose Cloth to clean.
Feather dusters, rags, polishing cloths, chemical sprays and polishes.