Dust Floor Fibre

Dust Floor Fibre
Looking for the best way to clean your wooden floors or simply remove any dust and dry dirt particles from your hard floor surfaces? Designed to collect and trap even the finest microdust particles, when used with the ENJO Floorcleaner, the Dust Floor Fibre gets the job done easily and won't disperse dust into the air, unlike traditional brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Our popular Dust Floor Fibre is the safest product for cleaning wooden floors as it requires no water at all, allowing your floors to be cleaned without the risk of the wood parting or splitting over time.

Pair our Dust Floor Fibre with our best selling Floorcleaner.

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Clean in half the time
This is such a great product as I am able to clean the house in half the time or even less! the technique that my consultant showed me and the size and function of the fibre just makes the whole job feel like its not even a chore and I find myself reaching for it way more often that I would have before as its a pleasure to use.
Review by katie / (Posted on 18/05/2017)
Great product
I'm amazed at how much dust and dog hair is picked up. Will use it every day
Review by Sue / (Posted on 24/04/2017)
Perfect for quick clean up. Love this dust fibre
Review by Rae / (Posted on 22/04/2017)
Very good and simple to use
Review by John / (Posted on 21/04/2017)
Best Friend
I absolutely love this product - I use it everyday & its my best friend
Review by Ezza79 / (Posted on 24/01/2017)
Really effective product
The dust floor fibre works really well. The dust sticks to the fibre as you move around the room.
Review by Merril / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
I use this every day. Can't live without it.
Best ever floor dusting fibre.
Review by Micky / (Posted on 8/01/2017)
It works so well you WANT to use it daily !
This works a treat and is so efficient at picking up the fine animal hairs and dust. Its a joy to use daily - my floors have never been so clean!
Review by I don't have one. / (Posted on 14/11/2016)
Best best thing ever!!
Easiest way ever to 'sweep' your floors. Does it quickly and efficiently with ease
Review by Ange / (Posted on 28/10/2016)
Cleans very well and much faster than other brooms due to the size
Cleans very well and much faster than other brooms due to the size
Review by Didi / (Posted on 2/10/2016)
I am new to this fibre and found it very efficient. Saves vaccuuming so often
Review by Knitty Nanny / (Posted on 29/09/2016)
Great for quick cleanups
I use it for my hardwood timber floors and it picks up anything from dog hair to sand and crumbs. Fantastic for when I want to do a quick cleanup and don't feel like vacuuming.
Review by Jess / (Posted on 24/09/2016)
Ditch the Broom!
As a user of Enjo for many years, my daughter finally convinced me to get rid of the broom and get the dust floor fibre, should have done that years ago. I love the product, I use it every day
Review by Justine / (Posted on 19/09/2016)
Absolutely love it
Review by Katswa / (Posted on 29/08/2016)
Easy and efficient
So easy to use cuts down on vaccuming and actually cleans under the furniture without breaking my back
Review by None / (Posted on 27/08/2016)
This is my 2nd purchase of the dust floor fibre would not be without it
Review by Carolyn / (Posted on 1/07/2016)
My husband does the floors and he says it's brilliant.
Review by buch / (Posted on 27/06/2016)
Wouldn't be without it
So much easier than sweeping, picks up all the dust & hair. I run around the house quickly every day & it keeps it looking clean in between vacuums. You'd be surprised how dirty your floors get every day!
Review by StaceyG / (Posted on 22/06/2016)
Very efficient
I got an extra one as I use this a few times a day so often wash it and needed an extra one. Does the job brilliantly, would never go back to anything else!!!
Review by Sonka / (Posted on 15/06/2016)
Love this floor fibre
I absolutely love this for my new bamboo floor. With renovations nearly finished it has been great for getting all the dust off the floor.
Review by Mopqueen / (Posted on 13/06/2016)
Easy, quick and makes the floors look sensational - what more do you need? :)
Review by Fi / (Posted on 19/05/2016)
Quick clean floors
I love how this is so quick and effective in making my floors look dust and crumb free.
Review by Gin / (Posted on 6/03/2016)
It dosen't get any easier then this.
Not a seller of Enjo but have been using them for 6 years. Got the floor system 3 years ago but not the dust fibre...big mistake. Finally bought it last week and I'm in heaven. I don't have central vac so the dust in my house is unbearable, I can vacuum everyday the vacuum just spreads it from the blower.
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 12/02/2016)
all products I have bought working well after 10 years
I needed to buy an outdoor mop as we have new verandas and I wanted to express my gratitude to Enjo and the designers for an incredible product range I bought 10 years ago from my best friend to help him out. I did not realize how cost effective everything is after the initial lay out, I always wondered how they sustain a business where there is now repeat ordering. I chuck all the different cloths into the washing machine and they come out as new, it is remarkable.
What an incredible gift for the environment. These products work!!
Review by Guni / (Posted on 8/11/2015)
Floor is amazing
I received my pack yesterday and now I'm smiling. this is the only product that actually cleans and keeps the shine on my laminate floors. I have white dogs and with out stress and fuss of the DY** vacuum every day I can clean in half the time. This is a high recommendation for this product and no chemicals thank you for making my cleaning quick and no hassle.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 30/05/2015)
Head and Handle back to working
Thanks for supplying the video on fitting the head and pole.

I have been distraught as I thought I had broken my Enjo Mop.
I have owned it for 11 years and swear by it.

It is now back in working order and I am ready to clean my porcelain floors.


Review by Tivoli / (Posted on 12/03/2015)
Took years to find but glad I did
I avoided Enjo products for years because of the "price". In the mean time over a period of many years I used and brought every cloth, mop, sponge etc known to man kind to clean.
I finally brought this dust fibre 2 years ago. My hair is thick and I have lots of it, it also molts continuously so consequently it is all through the house. The dust fibre picks it up easily along with all the other bits and pieces.
I now have a large range of Enjo products and are happy with all I have purchased so far.
The service from the Enjo staff is also fantastic.
Review by Lorraineh / (Posted on 9/10/2014)
Love the product!
This product work really well with dust and is excellent on drywall dust! It picks up all of the dust without leaving trails of white behind it. Does a better job than our shop vac!
Review by Mer / (Posted on 6/10/2014)
Well worth the money
Yes it is expensive like alot of people will say. BUT it really works very well. I got my Enjo 10 years ago and it was this dust floor fibre and I STILL have it. The pole I had to replace once because of incorrect usage (my husband) but the fibre sweeps and picks up dust and dog hair so well. Some people may say for this price they can go to Bunnings and buy 4 or 5 of a cheaper brand and replace the worn ones. But I had mine for more than 10 years and it is still good as new. Can't beat that can you?
Review by Andrea / (Posted on 28/09/2014)
I have had my Enjo dust floor fibre mop for over 10 years. It is still in excellent condition. At first I did think it was very expensive but has proven not so. The cheaper brands of mops do not last as long and their handles are certainly not the quality Enjo is. My mother purchased one after I did and she has had the same experience with it as I have. It takes a couple of minutes a day to go over your floors and they are clean. I could not recommend highly enough.
Review by June / (Posted on 28/08/2014)
Simple and effective
I recently purchased a floor cleaner with this fibre, and while it took me a while to come around I couldn't live without it now. It's fantastic to use in the bathroom to pick up the never-ending trail of hair and dust. Great for use in the laundry too. a room that doesn't get soiled often, but collects dust easily. Would highly recommend as a starting fibre if you're thinking of buying the floor cleaner.
Review by Katy / (Posted on 3/04/2014)
Great for removing dog hairs from my floors.
I have several Enjo floor fibres, but the dust fibre is the one I use most often. So easy on my bad back. I find if I use the dust fibre on my white tiled floors daily, I only have to give it a proper clean about once a week. The black dog hairs just disappear. All the Enjo fibres are worth the money, long term.
Review by Jane / (Posted on 19/03/2014)
The bees knees of floor cleaning!
I can't believe I'm speaking so highly of a BROOM / MOP, but here I am!

This floor fibre is awesome. It works so effectively, it's so efficient and much better for my back than the back breaking broom I was previously using that really only spread the dust and dirt further around the house.

This is so simple to use. It's exactly as the video demonstration claims. Wet it slightly, easily clip it onto the stick thingy (which is another brilliant item by the way) and off you go.

I find that because the fibre is used damp it lightly mops my floors as well. Not sure if it was intended to do that, but that's the effect it has on my floors. I also have the yellow fibre for mopping but find I don't need to mop every day now that I use this fibre.

Yes, it's expensive. But it's definitely money well spent. I've already saved heaps on time and chemical cleaners since using this item.

After each use I dust as per the vide demonstration and after every 2nd or 3rd use I hand wash with Method detergent and I think this will prolong the life of my expensive but effective fibre.
Review by Amber / (Posted on 9/02/2014)
Yes it works, but so do cheaper ones
It's a microfibre mop, and it dusts the floor. So on that it would get a decent rating. But value? Big no.
I got one from a friend to use of my bamboo floor after she got carpets.
It works, but only as well as any other microfibre mop, I cannot honestly say that I can notice an appreciable difference comparing this to the (MUCH cheaper) one my husband bought from Bunnings, and even if the cheaper one wears out, I could buy 5 more for the price of the Enjo set up! I'm very glad I didn't actually buy it!
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 3/09/2013)
quick and easy to use, becomes a daily routine for wood floors
To those with wooden floors...this is honestly what you have been looking for. I went through countless other options trying to keep my wooden floor dust free on a regular basis. now a quick walk around with my little orange friend, especially under the beds and in non traffic areas saves me having to pull out the vacuum every couple of days. so fantastic.
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 27/08/2013)
Dust bunnies gone...
Dust bunnies in my hallway and under furniture gone! Yes, I have a vac for the carpets, but this does so much better on the bare floors and when the sun shines there's no dust left behind. It is definitely important to use the figure 8 motion to sweep up the crumbs and that took a bit of getting used to, but now I love it
Review by Jackie / (Posted on 20/06/2013)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Collecting and holding dust, hair and microdust particles from smooth, hard floor surfaces inside the home.
How do I use it? Dry
Features and functions The Dust Floor Fibre collects and holds on to every dust particle and hair it picks up, leaving nothing to get dispersed into the air only to resettle and aggravate allergies. Dust particles are only released once the Floor Fibre is shaken or washed.

To dust skirting boards, kickboards and walls, take advantage of the rotating head on the Floorcleaner. Always use dry and avoid wet areas.
FloorFibre Dust Floor Fibre

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