Dust Floor Fibre

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Keep the floors in your home dust-free with the ENJO Dust Floor Fibre. Perfect for use on all smooth, hard surfaces in the home, the handcrafted ENJO Dust Fibres are designed to collect and trap even the finest dust particles, for a quick clean simply attach to your ENJO Floorcleaner.

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20 Jun 2013
Dust bunnies gone...

Dust bunnies in my hallway and under furniture gone! Yes, I have a vac for the carpets, but this does so much better on the bare floors and when the sun shines there's no dust left behind. It is definitely important to use the figure 8 motion to sweep up the crumbs and that took a bit of getting used to, but now I love it


26 Aug 2013
quick and easy to use, becomes a daily routine for wood floors

To those with wooden floors...this is honestly what you have been looking for. I went through countless other options trying to keep my wooden floor dust free on a regular basis. now a quick walk around with my little orange friend, especially under the beds and in non traffic areas saves me having to pull out the vacuum every couple of days. so fantastic.


09 Mar 2013
Yes it works, but so do cheaper ones

It's a microfibre mop, and it dusts the floor. So on that it would get a decent rating. But value? Big no.
I got one from a friend to use of my bamboo floor after she got carpets.
It works, but only as well as any other microfibre mop, I cannot honestly say that I can notice an appreciable difference comparing this to the (MUCH cheaper) one my husband bought from Bunnings, and even if the cheaper one wears out, I could buy 5 more for the price of the Enjo set up! I'm very glad I didn't actually buy it!

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Use On... Hard surface floors and walls.
Use It... Dry.
How to Use Simply attach your Dust Floor Fibre to your ENJO Floorcleaner and glide over the floor in an ‘S’ motion, letting the ENJO Dust Fibres pick up and collect dust and hair.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS The specially designed Dust Floor Fibre traps and holds fine dust and allergens found around the home, helping you breathe cleaner. After use, simply shake outside and wash to use again. ENJO Floor Fibres work effectively for up to three years.
REPLACES Broom, dustpan and brush.