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Keep the floors in your home dust-free with the ENJO Dust Floor Fibre. Perfect for use on all smooth, hard surfaces in the home, the handcrafted ENJO Dust Fibres are designed to collect and trap even the finest dust particles, for a quick clean simply attach to your ENJO Floorcleaner.

Floorcleaner to be purchased separately.
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15 Nov 2017
My new dust floor fibre is a big improvement on my 10yr + old one - it picks up a lot more and it well worth updating.

I thought my old dust floor fibre (10yrs +!) was doing an OK job but I am pleased Kylie suggested it was time I upgraded. It certainly picks up a lot more and it great when I want to pick up the light dust on my floor boards that would otherwise just become airborne with my broom.

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12 Nov 2017

Just purchased my second floor fibre. My previous one lasted me 15 years and was still fine but the fibres a little worn so decided to purchase another. I use mine nearly every day and it removes all the dust and cat hair straight away. There is no dust left or floating in the air like you get from using an ordinary broom. Love, love, love it!!!

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21 Oct 2017
Wouldn't live without it.

Fantastic product have been using for over 13 years now and love it. Recommend to family and friends and just bought a set for my Batchelor friends new home. Dust fibre great for picking up my cat hair

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Use On... Hard surface floors and walls.
Use It... Dry.
How to Use Simply attach your Dust Floor Fibre to your ENJO Floorcleaner and glide over the floor in an ‘S’ motion, letting the ENJO Dust Fibres pick up and collect dust and hair.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS The specially designed Dust Floor Fibre traps and holds fine dust and allergens found around the home, helping you breathe cleaner. After use, simply shake outside and wash to use again. ENJO Floor Fibres work effectively for up to three years.
REPLACES Broom, dustpan and brush.