Dust Flexi Fibre 55cm

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A versatile replacement tool, the Dust Flexi Fibre belongs to the Flexi 55cm to tackle all those hard to reach dusty areas and crevices inside and outside the home. Ideal for dusting, collecting and holding dust, hair and cobwebs.
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10 Apr 2017
Makes dusting easier

The Flexi is great for high to reach areas and for getting down behind awkward to reach areas and into small gaps. It helps make dusting easy.

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26 Feb 2017

Love this product!

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USE TO... Remove dust, hair and lint.
Use On... High and hard to reach areas, skirting boards, ceiling fans, light fittings, behind and under furniture.
Use It... Dry.
How to Use Simply glide the Dust Flexi Fibre over the required surface to trap and remove dust, dirt and cobwebs.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Designed with a flexible blade, the Dust Flexi can be bent into different shapes for hard to reach areas. Attach to your ENJO Telescopic Pole to clean high areas indoors and outdoors.
REPLACES Feather dusters, rags, polishing cloths, chemical sprays and polishes.