Dust Flexi Fibre 55cm

Dust Flexi Fibre 55cm
A versatile replacement tool, the Dust Flexi Fibre belongs with your Flexi 55cm to tackle all those hard to reach dusty areas and crevices inside and outside the home. Ideal for dusting, collecting and holding dust, hair and cobwebs.

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Makes dusting easier
The Flexi is great for high to reach areas and for getting down behind awkward to reach areas and into small gaps. It helps make dusting easy.
Review by ChelseaB / (Posted on 10/04/2017)
Love this product!
Review by Karen / (Posted on 26/02/2017)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Removing dust from high and hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor areas.
How do I use it? Dry
Features and functions A versatile replacement fibre that works together with the Flexi 55cm. Designed for dusting, by collecting and holding dust, hair, cobwebs and particles from skirting boards, cornices, blinds, on top of ceiling fans, air conditioning vents, behind and under furniture, corner and high cabinets and shelves. Attach your Telescopic Pole to the Flexi complete to reach high dusty areas outside the home including removing cobwebs from under pergolas, around window frames and under eaves. Fasten the elastic hook of the Dust Flexi Fibre to the hook of the Flexi to ensure the fibre doesn't slip when cleaning.
Areas of use Cornices, Blinds, Ceiling Fans