Dishwasher Liquid 1L

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ENJO’s Natural Dishwasher Liquid offers a clever clean to your dinnerware with an ultra-concentrated plant and mineral based recipe.

This environmentally responsible, natural formula is 100% biodegradable and sustainably produced. Created with the environment in mind, ENJO’s Dishwasher Liquid contains no synthetic ingredients, phosphates or parabens. The colour and viscosity may vary due to the natural ingredients used, this has no effect on the quality.

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12 Aug 2019
Jury still out

I will say it doesnt leave residue like the tablets do ..need a produst to clean the machine

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10 Mar 2019

This is the perfect dishwasher cleaning product that does NOT seem to harm or strip your dishwasher-safe specialty pots and cake pans or their specialty material/coatings/colours/finishes. i have been using this in my dishwasher for well over a year now for cast iron, non-stick and enamel as well as the usual stainless steel and aluminium. The pots/pans come out clean and this ENJO DIshwasher Liquid just isn't as harsh as supermarket brands so my non-stick is still non-stick! Excellent product!

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08 Mar 2019
Best product ever

Safe for my family

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Wash dishes.
Use On...
Dishes, cutlery, glassware, cookware.
How to Use
Pour 10ml per standard load directly into the dosage chamber of your machine. Adjust to up to 20ml for large loads or in hard water areas. Can be used with rinse aid.
Rinse dishes before loading into dishwasher. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct light and out of reach of children. Please note, owing to the highly recyclable nature of the packaging, bottles can become dented.
Harsh diswashing liquids & tabs.
Salt or citric acid, <5% amphoteric surfactants (betaine), <5% non-ionic surfactants (sugar surfactants), enzymes (protease, amylase). Contains furthermore: water, <0.1% phenoxyethanol.