Complete Bundle

Complete Bundle
Our ENJO Complete Bundle has everything you need to live healthier inside and outside of your home. Not to mention, the good it will do for our environment! Just by cleaning your entire home with ENJO, you'll help to reduce water, land and air pollution, leaving a positive impact that future generations will thank us for.

Our Complete Bundle features everything you'll need to clean your home. From our popular Floorcleaner (fibre mop), to our reliable Kitchen Miracle, Bathroom Miracle, Outdoor Glove, and Dust Glove, there really is every product you'll need combined into the one bundle.

Our award-winning ENJO products are all made in Austria, using the finest raw materials, modern technology and machinery. Each and every one of our products are checked for quality control, so you can rest assure that when you purchase an ENJO product, you'll be buying a high-quality, long lasting and environmentally friendly cleaning product.

Lasts: 2-3 Years

Areas of Use: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living, Floor, Window, Outdoor, Car

Replaces: Surface & Liquid Cleaners, Disposable Sponges/Cloths, Stain Remover, Car Shampoos, Outdoor Chemical Cleaners
Valued at: $1,192.00

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Customer Reviews 51 item(s)

Very pleased with order and speedy postage. No fuss. No bother. I look forward to using all the items.
Review by Charlotte / (Posted on 31/05/2017)
I now enjoy cleaning!
Finding non-toxic and fume-free cleaning products that actually result that 'clean' feel are hard to come by and hard to stick to especially when a lot of time and elbow grease are needed to complete the job. I held off getting ENJO for years because of the price tag but am so glad I jumped in with both feet and bought the complete bundle. Cleaning is now actually enjoyable as it is so fast and easy with little to no elbow grease required while still getting the satisfaction of that 'clean' feel.
Review by katie / (Posted on 18/05/2017)
Amazing Product
Love using the enjo products. It is quick, fast and everything polishes up beautifully.
Review by Tam / (Posted on 27/04/2017)
very pleased
Love the whole concept
Review by None / (Posted on 26/04/2017)
Success and truth.
Best use of money....makes my life so much easier and happier! I always know my house will come up clean and shiny. And my car too! The thing is .... it really does do what it says.
Review by Chicken's mum / (Posted on 19/04/2017)
Love it!
I am still working my way through all the products but so far love everything. I've used Enjo for 16 years and the improvements to the products are also fantastic. I Loooove the fussy floor fibre my wooden floorboards are glistening. Jeannette my Enjo consultant was very helpful and gave me lots of great advice.
Review by jen / (Posted on 10/04/2017)
Time, energy, cost efficient
I love my ENJO. It makes cleaning a breeze. Every product makes cleaning a breeze. I can't believe how much quicker cleaning is and the the results are shiny and clean. Best of all I like that no chemicals are involved. Even washing the car is so easy.Even though the initial cost is large it is already saving me money. My allergies say thank you ENJO
Review by Sticky / (Posted on 3/04/2017)
Impressed so far
I am still working my way through all the products but so far I am very impressed. I wanted to eliminate cleaning products because of the health issues and equally importantly because I wanted to stop using palm oil. The destruction of habitat for palm oil plantations is abhorrent. Almost all cleaners use palm oil so this is a double benefit for me. So far I love the bathroom products, love the floor products, and am getting used to the kitchen products. They clean well but just seem a bit wet to me, but everything does come up beautifully after drying with the miracle. I am sure with a bit more practice I will have it mastered. Looking forward to cleaning the windows too!
Review by emdeme / (Posted on 24/03/2017)
Great products, great value
This is such good value. I thought I only wanted the floor fibres, kitchen and bathroom but ordered the bundle anyway. I'm very pleased to report that from the beginning I've used all the products multiple times and keep finding new things to clean with my Enjo. It's made reducing all the cleaning products very easy and I've now got a small amount of hero products that do everything in the house instead of many cloths and different cleaners that can be used on some things and not others. I didn't realise how dirty my "clean" house was until I started using Enjo... the bathroom gloves are particularly good!
Review by MGMACB / (Posted on 24/03/2017)
Very happy with my purchase
A truly great product once you get the hang of it. Bought the complete bundle and can't believe how quick and easy cleaning is now. Love the kitchen products, clean up grease splatter from cooking with cold water and a cloth, just amazing.
Review by Phil / (Posted on 17/02/2017)
Very happy
Review by Nay / (Posted on 4/01/2017)
Worth telling others about - Impressive products
I was looking for something for my home that was free of chemicals & toxins for health & environmental reasons and my search stopped with ENJO. They are quality products that genuinely work. I am thrilled that I can now share a smarter, new, sustainable & healthy way of cleaning with my young adult daughters. My absolute satisfaction translated to me joining the company in 2016.
Review by Enjopreneur Janina / (Posted on 2/01/2017)
I have been using ENJO for 13 years. During this time I have used chemicals as well from time to time, which has affected my sinuses. I have now purchases the new bundle, watch the YouTube clips and I couldn't be happier. No more health issues and a lovely clean house without the nasty effects that chemical cleaners have.
Review by Turbo / (Posted on 2/01/2017)
bit dissapointed.
I really love the floor mop, but still unsure about the best way to use all the other items... so havn't really used them. I am sure the products are all very good, but dont feel i have got the value from the value pack, and despite looking on line, i am still unsure as to what should be used where and how.
Review by Keen to clean. / (Posted on 31/12/2016)
Excellent products
Great investment with a huge return. Very satisfied with everything I've used so far. My bath literally looks like a new one.
Review by Tree / (Posted on 31/12/2016)
No regrets. Great investment.
The family made the right decision in getting the complete bundle. Saves time and money in the long run. And just makes everything easily clean.
Review by Happy couple / (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Can't rate this highly enough. It makes cleaning so much easier and takes less time for everything. Can't wait to clean now - which is odd for me! Only thing I would say is that some sort of instructions would be handy as I bought these and did not manage to get a demonstration as to what does what. Muddling through though and think I'm doing it right but would definitely recommend the products. Thanks Enjo.
Review by Ange / (Posted on 29/11/2016)
Brilliant for people with arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, RSI or related symptoms.
I'm in LOVE! I have had it for a month now and have used every cloth! Dusting is a joy. My shower is so sparkly. My floors so clean. It takes the fingerprints off high gloss furniture. My windows are like they aren't there. My oven is clean without a mess. The range hood is grease free. Even my husband is impressed with it. He loves the car mitt.
Review by Katroosya / (Posted on 29/11/2016)
Well worth the spend
Everything you could possibly need for cleaning inside and outside the house. So easy to use and leaves things sparkling. Will save money long term as I no longer need to buy chemical cleaners.
Review by Gail / (Posted on 18/11/2016)
Just an amazing concept = the whole Enjo Programm is genial!
I was sooo hesitant to get into "Enjo" as I tried it many years ago and thought I don't like it... Then, thank god my friend who is an "enjopreneur" persisted (but she was not pushy) and showed me 'privately' all the products. Now I am totally addicted to Enjo, am blown away by how fantastic it cleans and the jobs have become so easy!! I am truly the biggest converter possible, first few days I could not stop cleaning everything! Best investment ever made! Very proud now that my house is an "Enjo House" now! Love the beauty line too!!
Review by KH / (Posted on 13/11/2016)
Love it all.
Im so happy i got the complete bundle. I love it and use it everyday. Leaves everything so clean and shiny.
Review by Megs / (Posted on 16/10/2016)
Love it
Never thought cleaning could be so easy. Love it all.
Review by Don't want one / (Posted on 1/10/2016)
Happy cleaning
I love love love the amazing job I can do with my complete bundle, so happy I went for the lot, I can whip through the housework in no time.
The most important thing for me is I do not have to use chemicals, I have no idea why I was not using Enjo years ago, and do not let people tell you it is expensive as you save so much on not having to buy chemicals and save so much time so you can use your time more wisely for the important things in life.
I have just ordered the skin care kit, can not wait to see how that goes.
Review by Rag / (Posted on 15/09/2016)
Worth the Investment
Love my Enjo, and have become an ENJOpreneur again for the second time! Enjoying the new fibres after using my old ones for 6 years..
Review by EnjoPauline / (Posted on 14/09/2016)
After using chemicals for over 30 years I never thought a product could actually clean. When i went to a demo and found out how to actually use this I brought 1 bathroom bundle. Well this blew me away and as all my family an friends know how OCD I am they couldn't believe how excited I was with ENJO. I have gradually built up my collection and have actually brought products for my girls and daughter inlaws. They too are impressed. I tell all my friends about ENJO and they should all give it a go. I am now thinking of my health and my new grand children of how I can do my bit for the future
Review by Debstar / (Posted on 7/05/2016)
Forgot how good this product was
I'm been using enjo for around 15 years so I did not need to be told how good this product is
Recently went to an enjo party and brought the complete bundle
I love it
I had got a bit lazy and was not using my enjo all the time
I was back using chemicals
With my new pack I'm back just using my enjo all the time
I'm very exited with my house it is staying cleaner longer without to much effort with enjo
Tammy was the best demonstrator very helpful
I'm not going back to chemical ever
Thanks enjo and thanks tammy
Review by Kaye / (Posted on 2/05/2016)
Love it
I purchased the Complete Bundle when on the 50% special - how luck y was I :)
I suffer with sensitive skin and this product is just brilliant that you don't need to purchase anymore chemicals.
The quality of the bundle products was amazing.
Love it all and so does my Husband.
Review by Maus / (Posted on 1/05/2016)
I give the bundle a top rating.
I have been wanting to use environmentally products for some time. A friend advised using the Enjo products and I have not been disappointed. We began with the bathroom bundle and later invested in the whole bundle. Many thanks.
Review by Sparkles / (Posted on 1/05/2016)
Great buy!
I have been an Enjo customer for years. I bought the bundle for my youngest son and his new bride. I am sure they will be as happy with this wonderful system as I have been.
Review by Mary / (Posted on 1/05/2016)
Excellent products, fantastic consultant!
Having just moved into a brand new home I wanted to start off with good products to keep everything as good as new. Peggy Tao showed me the products and the great results they produce.
I bought the whole pack. Thanks Peggy and Enjo.
Review by Myra / (Posted on 30/04/2016)
I absolutely ADORE my Enjo products, they do such a wonderful job, nothing else comes close to them. A HUGE thanks to the wonderful Enjopreneur Sandra Winnell, who goes above and beyond. I first had contact with Sandra as the finger print marks on my stainless steel fridge were doing my head in, and thanks to Sandra and Enjo, this is a problem no longer! I could not recommend Sandra or Enjo more highly. I'm a very happy customer indeed.
Review by Lee / (Posted on 30/04/2016)
I never thought I am going to fall in love this quickly but I did. Thanks ENJO, you have made my life so much easier.

Review by Sunita / (Posted on 28/04/2016)
replacement time too good price not too
I have RA and using Enjo is easy ,no chemicals , and little stress on my joints .this is a replacement purchase , 3 years since my first bundle and I have brought a few kitchen clothes and bathroom ones in between .you won't be sorry if you use Enjo ,don't buy any cleaning sprays again !
Review by Sharon / (Posted on 28/04/2016)
Pity I wasn't told about this product years ago
Skeptic of course but delighted I went to Demo. I bought complete bundle and delighted with all. My husband is a house husband and when I told him how much I paid he said "I hope a cleaner is also coming with the bundle for the price".

My husband is delighted with Enjo and raves about how good the cloths etc are. Thank you Diane for inviting me to the Demo and Thank Enjo for the products, they are great an so easy to use and clean with.
Review by Maureen / (Posted on 24/04/2016)
Kind to the environment
I bought the bundle at a show and am delighted with the price and the products. I now have a house which has its own waste water disposal system and up till now we have had to use expensive environmentally friendly cleaning products. Friends have recommended Enjo products but I have never got around to checking it out until now.
I am still learning how to use the various pieces and the online videos have been really helpful.
My cleaning routine is now much quicker and more efficient. Love it!!
Review by Fran / (Posted on 23/04/2016)
Loving it so much
Just started using enjo and loving it so much- easy to use, less time to wait: like with an oven cleaner 5-12 hr wait before cleaning but with enjo u don't 5min finishes!! And was glad this bundle was on sale 50%.
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 23/04/2016)
Great product, great consultant.
I've used a few of the products in the past but was really excited to get my complete pack. Now my whole house sparkles like new. The dust and gloss fibres have brought my high-gloss floors to a glass-like appearance and theres no more lemon-scented chemical smell in my bathroom. The best bit: it's so easy to use. Thank you Daniela Sammells for your professional consultation.
Review by Martina / (Posted on 17/04/2016)
These products blow me away!!
I've only been using ENJO for a few weeks and still can't believe how great these products are! Cleaning is quicker with better results and so much better for my families health as well as for the environment. I recommend ENJO to everyone!
Review by Kylee / (Posted on 15/04/2016)
needs one thing
The products themselves are fantastic- simple to use and very efficient. The only negative was the lack of care instructions about how to clean the gloves. It would be great if the pack came with a sheet to tell you what to do, particularly for first time users. I am still not sure how to clean the dusters
Review by Trina / (Posted on 13/04/2016)
Love it as always
I was also a bit of a skeptic at the beginning but was recommended the kitchen things as I have sensitive skin and kitchen cleaners kill my hands. Now, 3 years later I've purchased a stack of Enjo and I use it at work, at home and at my clients houses, and they are loving it too.. It's great stuff. And I got the bundle (on sale) and it's been fantastic!
My loved ones are getting Enjo gifts for birthdays and Christmas'. They aren't always excited about it at first but then they try them and they love it too.. It's nice sharing :)
Review by MT / (Posted on 13/04/2016)
Great product
Enjo is a great product and good value for money. Makes cleaning much easier and you are less likely to put it off.
Review by Meg / (Posted on 11/04/2016)
I was skeptical, but proved wrong.
I purchased this bundle whilst on special. I have been pleasantly surprised by how good Enjo is. I was extremely skeptical but have been proven wrong.

The only part of the house not now cleaned with Enjo is the toilets - I still use bleach etc on these.
Review by Alison / (Posted on 11/04/2016)
Complete pack champion
No other way to go !!
I was lucky enough to recurve this pack at 50% off but honestly once I saw how well it cleaned I would have paid full price without a second though
What a joy it is to clean my house now
It's never felt so clean ever and so quick
LOVE ENJO everyone needs to be bold and make the switch !!!
Review by Rachael / (Posted on 9/04/2016)
It really works!
A friend told me about Enjo and enthused about the lack of need for chemicals. I was skeptical to say the least, but her home was always 'differently" clean. I got onto the website and had a read, and it made sense. So I bought the starter pack, and was HOOKED big time! I asked my friend to host a demo, and after that bought the complete bundle. The car takes a fraction of the time to clean, and a quick wipe gets rid of any bird droppings in next to no time. What I really like - washing all the cloths in their laundry bags brings them up like new! Too easy!
Review by Amazed / (Posted on 7/04/2016)
13 years later
Been loving ENJO for over 17 years now and would you believe still have a few original gloves so time to purchase new fibres and why wouldn't I, the BIG bundle is 1/2 price ! thanks
Review by Julie / (Posted on 30/03/2016)
Love it
So easy to use. Everything looks clean and shiny with no nasty smelling chemicals. Don't have to hold mm breath anymore when cleaning the bathroom.
Review by Deb / (Posted on 9/03/2016)
Could not go back to chemicals
I hated cleaning. Actually I still do! But ten years ago I went to an Enjo demo with no intention of buying anything. That demo converted me. I bought the most respectably, cheapest fibre and booked my own demo so that I could get the complete bundle, with benefits, at a great price. I have since had many demos, purchased replacements / additional fibres and can't even stand the smell of the chemical aisle now. I have ALMOST converted my husband to clean the car correctly, but this is still a bit of a challenge. I will not clean without Enjo again. This would have to be one of the best specials I have seen and would recommend it to anyone considering converting, replacing or restocking.
Review by Convert / (Posted on 7/03/2016)
I was born into a European family, cleaning meant bleach (STRAIGHT) and jiff and sprays all day. Little did I realise until after I left home that cleaning isn't all about sprays and bleach.
ENJO is amazing and has changed my life. My health has improved, and I don't go down the chemical isle. Its a myth ENJO is expensive and the bundles are a great way to save. Its about $5 a week, I used to spend way more than that and that was just on chux and sponges that I now know breed bacteria! YUK!
Do yourself a favour and ask your local ENJO rep to come and show you, grab a couple of friends and score freebies. That's what I did and I couldn't believe how much fun it was! THAT WAS 10 years ago and my home looks new!
Review by Skeptic NO MORE / (Posted on 3/03/2016)
This is magnificent value for money
Review by christi / (Posted on 3/03/2016)
Pleased and surprised that promises were fulfilled
Review by jan / (Posted on 25/02/2016)
Extremely impressed
I never knew how fantastic Enjo was. The fact I can clean my home without nasty chemicals is incredible. I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends
Review by Happy to clean / (Posted on 7/02/2016)
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