A quick, easy and chemical-free way to clean your windows, shower screens, glass doors and glass pool fences. ENJO’s Window range utilises ENJO’s quality handcrafted fibres, highly absorbent Miracles with handy hardware, for a streak-free, smear-free finish every time - just add water.

  • All Window + Surfaces Products

    A natural way to clean glass windows, doors, shower screens and pool fences of all shapes and all sizes – made easy. ENJO’s Window products are entirely chemical-free, just water and fibre technology for the most effective way to clean glass.

  • Glass screens/doors

    Keep shower screens and glass doors free from water marks, streaks and smudges with ENJO’s chemical-free fibre products. All the tools you need for naturally clean and clear windows in three simple steps, wet, wipe and dry, no chemical, no fuss.

  • Outdoor windows

    To keep your windows clean and clear with minimal effort, ENJO’s Outdoor Window range has everything you need for clean, streak-free windows. The fibres and water alone loosen and lift dirt and ENJO’s hardware allows you to reach windows high and low.