Breathe clean with ENJO’s health-conscious living range. Safer for your home and kinder to the environment, ENJO’s quality handcrafted fibre cleaning products are more effective at trapping and removing dust and dirt from your home without the need for chemicals.

  • All Living Products

    ENJO Living products offer a fresh new way to keep the air and surfaces in your living spaces clean, fresh and dust free. With products designed to clean even those hard to reach areas, it’s a simple, chemical-free way to reduce the dust in your home.

  • All dusting

    Dust builds up quickly and it gets everywhere. ENJO Dust Cloths are the healthiest and easiest way to reduce the dust in your home effectively by trapping and removing dust from all surfaces. No chemicals makes it easy to stay on top of household dust.

  • Home interiors/furniture

    Home interiors and furniture see a lot of use and can get dirty fast. Keep all your furniture and fabric belongings clean and protected with ENJO’s range of interior and furniture cleaners. A simple wet, wipe and dry, no chemicals, no fuss, perfect for ho

  • Leather/fabric surfaces

    Gently clean and nourish leather furniture and take care of your fabric upholstery effectively without the need for harsh products. ENJO’s Living range offers all the tools you need to keep leather and fabric surfaces looking their best.

  • Carpet stains

    Remove carpet stains and keep your carpets looking as good as new, all without chemicals. ENJO’s carpet cleaning product are perfect for spot cleaning, just add water. A quick drying, safe and easy way to remove carpet stains.

  • Lint Areas

    Remove lint, dust, pet hair and fabric fluff from clothing, fabrics and furnishings with ENJO’s reusable, no waste fibres. Work against the grain with one wipe – simple and effective.

  • High ceiling fixtures

    Keep those hard to reach and out of reach areas ENJO clean with ease. ENJO’s versatile tools are designed to collect and remove cobwebs and dust from light fittings, ceiling fans, blinds and underneath furniture.

  • Jewellery

    Keep your jewellery clean and maintain its shine with ENJO. Chemical free means ENJO is safe to use and won’t tarnish or damage precious metals and fine jewellery – gently buff for bright and shiny finish – simple.

  • Technology/ electrical

    For smudge-free and streak-free screens, ENJO’s cleaning cloths are expertly designed to leave your phone, tablet, laptop, lenses and cameras, picture perfect.