Healthy living should start in the kitchen! ENJO’s Kitchen range allows you to cook-up and clean-up chemical-free, letting the fresh, quality ingredients do the talking. Safer for your home and kinder to the environment, ENJO’s quality handcrafted fibre cleaning products work in three simple steps, just add water!

  • All Kitchen Products

    ENJO Kitchen products clean-up every area of your kitchen using fibre technology to remove dirt and bacteria from every surface. No chemicals while you cook, a simple change for a healthier way of living.

  • Ovens

    Ovens are notoriously tricky to clean, with baked on foods and extreme temperatures. ENJO’s oven cleaning products are the easy, safe way to remove grease and baked-on food from your oven. No harsh chemicals, no chemical smell, just delicious home-cooking

  • Sink & tapware

    Kitchen sinks and tapware see a lot of use, to ensure their long-lasting performance ENJO removes daily mineral build-up gently. Cleaning with fibres, not chemicals, ENJO is the best way to ensure your sink and tapware is protected.

  • Stovetop/hot plate

    Daily use and busy lives can leave your stovetop in need of some much needed cleaning attention. ENJO’s stove cleaner range makes cleaning your stovetop quick and easy, simply wet, wipe and dry, just wait until the stovetop is cool before you clean.

  • Rangehoods

    A kitchen must-have, rangehoods work hard to keep the air in our kitchens clean and free of grease, fumes, smoke and odours. Keep your rangehood functioning and clean without chemicals with ENJO’s Fibre cleaning products.

  • Splashback

    Splashbacks are designed to take the brunt of the kitchen cooking splatter. ENJO’s Fibre Kitchen range is the best post-cook, clean-up option for glass, tile or acrylic splashbacks, perfect for light dirt and serious grime.

  • Tableware

    To achieve crystal clear glassware and sparkling cutlery, free from cloudy watermarks, ENJO’s glassware and cutlery products clean-up chemical-free! For beautiful tableware with minimal fuss.

  • Stainless steel

    Keep stainless steel looking as good as new, streak and smudge-free with ENJO’s gentle, and chemical-free fibre cleaning products. Remove stubborn stains and watermarks from your stainless steel with ENJO in three steps.

  • Appliances

    Kitchen essentials that keep you going, from your coffee-maker and kettle to your blender and slow cooker, ensure your small appliances are taken care of in no time with ENJO’s super-fast handcrafted fibre cleaning tools.

  • Fruit & veg

    Enjoy all the health benefits of fresh produce by safely removing bacteria, dirt, wax and any chemical pesticides with ENJO’s fruit and vegetable cleaners! Reducing your cook prep-time and water usage in one.